Though the Princess of Wales owns many swanky gems, big baubles and inherited jewels, some of her most pricey pieces are actually full suites. In other words, many of Kate’s most elaborate and expensive accessories are jewelry groupings often called a parure (full set of matching jewelry) or demi-parure (consisting of two or more pieces).

Derived from the French word parer, meaning to adorn, a full parure is typically comprised of three or more pieces including a necklace, earrings, bracelet and brooch in the same coordinated style. Though other pieces such as rings, tiaras, buttons, decorated panels (stomachers) and hair ornaments can also be considered part of a matching set.


In 19th century Europe, those in high society as well as those occupying the ranks of royalty often wore dazzling matching jewels. At the time, jewelry makers often competed to create and configure interesting and inspired combinations to increase their status and sales.

Many royal collections include parures which are often worn for formal and official occasions like state banquets, royal weddings and coronations. Queen Elizabeth II often wore parures including the Crown Ruby Necklace (with matching ruby brooch and earrings), Crown Amethyst Suite (amethyst brooch, earrings and necklace), Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamonds (sapphire diamond earrings, pendant necklace and tiara) as well as the Brazilian Aquamarine Parure (aquamarine tiara, earrings, bracelet and necklace).

Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Brazilian Aquamarine Parure/Wiki Commons

The Princess of Wales wears matched jewelry for glamorous outings like the BAFTA Awards, overseas travel (Paris and Poland) and for royal celebrations or special personal occasions (wedding anniversaries or christenings).

Here are 11 of Kate Middleton’s Matching Earring and Necklace Sets:

1. Mappin and Webb Empress Diamond Carriage Earrings and Necklace

Taking inspiration from an exotic motif presented by Mappin & Webb to the Queen of Siam, these earrings and necklace are both decadent and delicate. A part of the brand’s Empress collection, the white gold and diamond $4650 earrings have a secure carriage fastening and are designed with 0.88 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18 carat white gold.

The princess first stepped out in the earrings for Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015 while Kate’s mini pendant necklace in 18 carat white gold first appeared on an outing to the Tower of London in 2014. The mom of three will often wear the earrings and necklace together and separately; she’s worn the earrings on around 32 occasions and the necklace on 19 occasions. She’s sported both the Empress earrings and coordinating necklace on around 12 total occasions including for Order of the Garter in 2016 and recently for the Rugby World Cup (September 2023).

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2. Cartier Trinity Earrings and Necklace

The princess has worn the $2040 white, rose and yellow gold earrings from the French luxury fine jeweler on just two occasions in 2017 (for a visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and a rugby match in France during the same trip).

She’s only donned the tri-colored necklace with interlocking rings once for events in Paris on March 18th 2017 (the only time she’s worn the necklace i.e. the two Cartier pieces together). The rings symbolize the themes of love, fidelity and friendship.

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3. Van Cleef and Arpels Magic Alhambra Necklace and Earrings

A gold chain featuring six lucky clover leafs with mother-of-pearl quatrefoil motifs, this $10,200 necklace has been worn by the princess on three occasions including for the BAFTA Awards ceremony in 2020, a reception in the Bahamas in March 2022 and for the Coronation concert in May 2023.

The princess has worn the $6400 earrings on a total of four occasions including most recently for her Together at Christmas Carol concert in December 2023 (sans necklace).

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4. Sapphire and Diamond Oval Drop Earrings and Necklace

This stunning sapphire suite first appeared on the princess for a meeting with the President of the Ukraine in October 2020. Kate often wears the pendant necklace with  a large sapphire surrounded by a border of delicate diamonds along with the coordinating earrings.

The princess frequently wears the blue gems with blue outfits like pantsuits and dress coats. Though the sapphire jewels were once believed to have been from Princess Diana’s collection, that rumor has been disproven.

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5. Asprey London Daisy Heritage Diamond Necklace and Earrings

Princess Kate’s extravagant earrings feature a delicate daisy design with 12 marquise-cut diamonds adorning each flower in the form of enchanting petals. The meticulously handcrafted $29,000 earrings also have a center blossom adorned with pavé-set brilliant-cut diamonds to maximize sparkle and illuminance.

The earrings have appeared on the princess twice — once in Dublin, Ireland in March 2020 and again at the St. David’s Day Parade in March 2023. Kate has worn the $12,350 necklace made of 18 carat white gold on just two total occasions in 2021 (for anniversary portraits and a Nursing Now video message). The British beauty has yet to wear the diamond daisy earrings and necklace in public together.

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6. G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite Earrings and Necklace

The princess has made cobalt stones her signature so its no great surprise when she steps out in this stunning suite.

Kate has worn the $7745 pear shaped tanzanite earrings from royally certified jeweler G. Collins and Sons (the family run company has a royal warrant) on six occasions. The stud earrings are surrounded by a halo of round diamonds in platinum while her $10,665 necklace features the same striking tanzanite gem weighing 6.3 carats with a ring of .87 carats of diamonds.

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7. Balenciaga Eugenia Clip Earrings, Necklace and Cocktail Ring

Kate has stepped out in these Italian made Balenciaga earrings designed with freshwater cultured mabé pearls on six total occasions.

The princess also previously wore the matching necklace and ring for a British Embassy reception in Paris in March 2017. In addition, the brunette beauty stepped out in the earrings and a similar style pearl brooch for Easter (though its unclear if the brooch is part of the designer jewelry set).

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8. Asprey London Button 167 Earrings and Necklace

While still a bachelorette living in London, the future princess bride was frequently spotted in the Asprey 167 button pendant necklace featuring a center amethyst stone. Inspired by the buttons on old English clothing, the necklace first launched as a part of one of the brand’s signature collections in 2004.

Kate was first spotted in the white gold chain near her Chelsea apartment home in 2006 and wore the accessory for trips to Musitque, Barbados and Canada; she’s been spotted wearing the piece on around 29 occasions.  She often wore the necklace for travel, shopping and nightclub outings. Amethyst has historically represented royalty and is the birthstone of the month of February. The princess was last seen in the $4100 necklace on official royal duty in April 2013. Kate has been spotted in the $3900 matching earrings on only two occasions for London marathon training day in 2006 and at at Rugby Portobello Trust party in December 2017.

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9. Diamond and Emerald Suite

One of Princess Kate’s most opulent jewelry sets is this four piece parure. Consisting of a diamond and emerald bracelet, square studs (which can be worn as dangling earrings) and a glamorous and glittering collar necklace, this convertible set is a showstopper.

Kate has worn the emerald earrings on two occasions (with the coordinating bracelet) at a fundraiser at the Met in New York in 2014 and donned the three-piece set to the BAFTA Awards outfitted in a dark green Jenny Packham dress in February 2018. The emerald jewels are believed to have been a wedding gift.

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10. Ruby and Diamond Necklace Set

First debuted on a royal tour of Poland in the summer of 2017, Kate wore a new oval ruby necklace, earrings and diamond ring.

The necklace is possibly the same design as her sapphire piece and could also be a creation from G.Collins and Sons. As the settings are slightly different, it’s not clear if the ruby ring and earrings are part of a suite set.

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11. Antique Gold Vermeil And Custard Amber Earrings and Pendant Set 

The princess debuted this amber yellow set in Poland in July 2017.

The antique folk earrings and necklace are made from amber directly imported from the Baltic city of Gdansk, Poland. Designed in an oval shape, the gold plated earrings have a center of honey colored amber. The set is currently still available on a Polish Art website.

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