The Princess of Wales is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Kate’s flawless face and her stunning complexion are likely due to great genetics, a healthy diet and lots of water plus regular facials. Still, Kate is a busy mom of three — if she can’t make time to visit the spa or attend to her esthetician sessions — she will use  a few at-home products to keep her complexion smooth and supple. From facial oils to moisturizers and masks, these are the skincare products Princess Kate uses and loves.

Here are Kate Middleton’s Favorite Skincare Products:

Nivea Pure and Natural Moisturizing Day Cream

On King’s Road in London, the princess was spotted purchasing this face cream from a Boots pharmacy. The royal was reportedly friendly and chatty when she purchased the argan and aloe sensitive-skin friendly facial moisturizer. The budget beauty buy is advertised as being great for anti-aging and intense hydration.

Votary Super Seed Facial Oil

Developed by Princess Kate’s makeup artist Arabella Preston, this fragrance free facial oil is packed with 21 different seed oils and is advertised for those dealing with skin that is “unsettled” or “sensitive” or in “hormonal flux.” Packed with powerful plant nourishing oils like pumpkin, grape, strawberry, sour cherry, rosehip and poppy seed oil — this serum has received awards from Harper’s Bazaar who named the precious elixir the ‘Best of Beauty’ in 2018 and 2019. It’s widely believed but not confirmed that Kate uses the organic Super Seed Facial Oil and has tried Votary products. Preston reportedly tells clients like Kate to wash off makeup with a flannel cloth or terry washcloth and then start their skincare regimen. Preston insists its essential to remove all traces of dirt, grime and makeup to have healthy and clear skin. Votary also offers a kit containing the brand’s cleansing oil, mask, serum and nutrient cream.


Karin Herzog Skincare

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the princess is a super fan of this Swiss skincare line and loves the oxygen infused beauty creams. Sources have claimed she is enamored with the Vita-A-Kombi-1 cream which targets blemishes, diminishes hyperpigmentation and speeds cell turnover. The patented anti-aging treatment with 1% active oxygen and vitamins A & E is advertised as a treatment for “normalizing and detoxifying the skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” The princess is reportedly also a fan of Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing Facial Gel and the brand’s Oxygen Face Cream. Perfect for blemished skin or breakouts, the beauty cream banishes imperfections, kills bacteria and imparts radiance and a clearer tone.


Heaven Bee Venom Mask by Deborah Mitchell

Advertised on the Heaven skincare site as being a “favorite of A-list and royalty” — this world famous mask has been described as a “facelift in a jar.” Ideal for sensitive skin or mature skin, those struggling with rosacea or dryness, this luxury facial treatment is proclaimed as ‘beetox’ rather than ‘botox.’ Mitchell’s products likely appeal to Kate as they’re British made, organic, fragrance free and cruelty free. Plus, Heaven skincare is a carbon neutral company and sell their beauty products in recyclable packaging. Kate received the Bee Venom facial a few days before her wedding in 2011. The line has become so popular with British royal family — Kate’s stepmother-in-law Queen Camilla has even been photographed with the skincare guru.

Lancôme Genifique Serum

Princess Kate reportedly stocked her royal tour make-up bag with this lightweight hyaluronic serum which promises to smooth, hydrate and plump the skin. Alternating with her beloved Trilogy Rosehip Oil, the princess carried this silky youth-activating serum on tour in Australia and New Zealand in 2014.



Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir

The princess was gifted this celebrity loved facial elixir in 2016 and reportedly at one time had three bottles on her bedside table. Stars like Emma Watson, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora covet this nutrient filled facial treatment. Softening and improving congested skin with Caribbean coral, this clean omega rich skincare serum is filled with 14 precious plant oils for a clear and radiant face.



Trilogy Rosehip Oil

This organic pure, cold pressed rosehip seed oil is perfect for healing scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Active botanical oils and extracts nourish and hydrate while giving the skin a luminous effect. The brand’s oil is so popular that one is sold every 20 seconds. A source told Us Weekly Princess Kate uses the serum in her daily skincare regimen and is such a dedicated fan that her mother Carole Middleton now uses the organic golden seed oil too.