From beautiful barely blonde curtain bangs to glossy amber highlights to full thick waves, Kate Middleton can wear a variety of hair colors and styles. Known for her impossibly long brunette mane and perfect undone waves, the princess has been inspiring hair envy since she joined the royal ranks after her marriage to Prince William in 2011. And while her flowing and long lustrous locks might seem unattainable for commoners without carriages, castles and crews of beauty teams at the ready, fear not, many of Princess Kate’s favorite hairstyling products and tools have been revealed.

Here are Kate Middleton’s Favorite Hair Products:

Kerastase Shampoo and Conditioning Treatments

Kerastase is Princess Kate’s go-to haircare range. When visiting her hairdresser in London, Kate will often receive deep conditioning treatments including power fusio-dose Kerastase rituals. To keep her hair healthy at home she uses the Kerastase Bain Satin range which includes a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Town and Country Magazine reported the princess also uses Kerastase Discipline Oleo Relax Anti-Frizz smoothing shampoo for extra bounce and shine. It’s rumored that Princess Kate’s sister-in-law Meghan Markle also loves Kerastase products for adding strength, nourishment and hydration to her lustrous mane.


Kiehls Creme with Silk Groom

On Princess Kate’s royal tour of Norway and Sweden, her hairdresser at the time Amanda Cook Tucker, revealed a bevy of beauty products she used to get Kate camera-ready. Among her coiffing cache was a snap of this smoothing and conditioning cream which helps add shine and increase hair manageability and movement. The unique non-greasy hair cream is perfect for Kate who has naturally wavy locks which can be prone to frizz.


Mason Pearson Hairbrush

How does Princess Kate keep her hair so long and full? Perhaps its thanks to this pricey but high performing brush. Patented more than 100 years ago, this celebrity beloved hairbrush is a far cry from a normal bristle comb. The premium grade bristle brush helps naturally exfoliate the scalp, distribute hair oils and stimulate circulation to hair follicles. The British made brush offers a softer and smoother brushing experience and a gentle scalp massage. People with fine or thinning hair or those losing their hair for medical reasons, can benefit from this widely acclaimed and iconic detangling brush.



Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Spray

The princess’ beauty squad reportedly has used this dry shampoo to add more texture and volume to Kate’s flowing tresses. Refreshing hair and absorbing oil, this product helps revive Kate’s daytime hairstyles for evening engagements. One of Kate’s hairdressers, James Pryce, who worked with the royal at West London salon Larry King revealed to Cosmopolitan that he often used Redken Curvaceous for Curls hair primer and frizz control cream on the brunette beauty as well.


Richard Ward Shampoo

Though it’s not known which Richard Ward hair cleansing shampoos and conditioners the princess is fond of — Kate’s go-to hair guru and colorist Richard Ward suggests the princess is a fan of his rejuvenating haircare line. Some reports have claimed Kate frequently used the Richard Ward 2-in-1 shampoo which cleansing and conditions simultaneously. Today, Ward’s line includes just a few select products including an Anti-Age Argan shampoo and conditioner, Vegan Cleansing Shampoo and Restoring Masque as well as Densi-Growth Shampoo and conditioning products.

Loreal Elnett Hairspray

A legendary strong hold satin hairspray, this ultra fine mist offers hold without causing dryness or stiffness. This bargain hairspray in the iconic gold canister has been a celebrity favorite for years and is popular with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Amal Clooney and Gigi Hadid. Kate’s team likely continues to use the spray to keep her long locks in place during busy engagements and hectic royal tour stops.



Tangle Angel Detangling Brush

Perhaps most admired for her bouncy blowouts, it’s not surprising Kate’s couture hairdressers rely on some trade secrets. Most surprising? Kate’s signature locks are tamed with this soft bristle detangling brush which mitigates snarls and snags. The princess’ go-to hairdresser Richard Ward revealed he regularly uses this affordable plastic comb on his clients hair. The small but mighty brush keep Kate’s hair healthy and from ‘snapping off.’ Ward told media outlets that the bristles are soft and flexible, thus, they help to guide and separate strands. Most important of all, the brush bristles are heat resistant and don’t pull the hair.


Charles Worthington Volume Boosting Mousse

In the past, the princess’ team has reportedly used Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse and Volume & Bounce Perfect Finish Hairspray. The weightless and non-sticky mousse instantly increase volume by 155% and injects the hair with weightless body thanks to plumping collagen, kale protein and pomegranate. The drugstore beauty buys are sold at Boots UK Pharmacy stores.



For royal tours and travel abroad, Kate’s glam squad also relies on Wella Professional products including the EIMI Ocean Spritz spray as well as curling tongs, various sized round brushes, different combs and multiple hairdryers.