The royal baby will be making its grand debut in April according to the Duchess of Sussex herself. Meghan is currently at the end of her second trimester and she and Harry have opted to keep the gender a surprise. But many royal watchers are wondering what the royal newlyweds will name their new bouncing bundle of joy?

Here we offer our top predictions for Harry and Meghan’s newest addition.

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For a Girl

5. Victoria

While this name is not a top contender, Harry and Meghan may opt for this traditional name for their little girl as it’s got a distinguished history. In total here have been 12 royals with the moniker and it became a royal staple since the era of Queen Victoria who ruled the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901. In addition, Meghan has recently been wearing a lot of Victoria Beckham clothing–so maybe she’s offering an early baby name hint?

4. Nova

This uniquely beautiful name is defined as a “star that shows a sudden large increase in brightness.” A supernova is an energetic event that causes a blindingly bright star to burst into view in a corner of the night sky — the brilliant point of light is the explosion of a star that has reached the end of its life, otherwise known as a supernova. Meghan may enjoy the idea of her child being a star–and brought into the world with a series of fateful and beautiful ‘explosions.’ In addition, Meghan loves to wear her Nova earrings by Emily Mortimer.

3. Diana

Though an unlikely first name for their little girl, Harry and Meghan could opt to honor his late mother with a touching tribute by naming their child after the Princess of Wales. Since Meghan loves flowers, the royal couple could also opt for a name like Dianella (a flax lily flower). And Prince Harry may already be a fan of floral names as he asked a mother on a recent walkabout how to spell her daughter’s name–Lily.

2. Eleanor

A passionate feminist and women’s rights supporter, Meghan could elect to give her first daughter a name like Eleanor (after so called “first feminist” and former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt). In addition, the name dates back to the Middle Ages with Eleanor of Aquitaine who was the queen consort of France and England as well as a duchess.

  1. Grace

It’s very likely Meghan and Harry will give the baby a virtue name–like Grace, Charity or Faith. As Meghan often wears symbolically rich jewelry with hidden messages and meanings, she’s likely to be drawn to a name that has a multitude of different interpretations while still being sophisticated and special. Psychic Happiest Medium even predicted the new Sussex baby will be a girl and the name will be Grace.

Runner Up: Emma or Felicity

For a Boy

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5. Charles

As Prince Harry is especially close to his father, it would not seem unreasonable to think he may name his firstborn after his beloved dad. Cal, Cale and even Carl are nicknames for Charles so the baby could also have a shorter or abbreviated version of the regal name.

4. Spencer

Since Princess Diana’s maiden name was Spencer, it’s not out of the question to think Harry and Meghan might use the name for a little boy. According to Urban Dictionary, the name indicates someone who is sweet, loyal and respectful.

3. Philip

Prince Harry reportedly wanted to marry Meghan quickly so that his grandfather Prince Philip would be able to attend the wedding in good health. Perhaps, Harry will honor his grandpa with a name tribute? The Sussex sprog could also go by Philly or Pip.

2. Loyce

In German the name Loyce means “renowned warrior.” The very unique moniker would be perfect for Harry and Meghan’s male offspring as not only does the name have a strong origin, but Loyce is the middle name of Doria Ragland, Meghan’s beloved mother.

  1. Henry

It’s possible that Meghan and Harry could give their new bouncing baby boy a very familiar name–Henry. The name means “power” and “ruler” and has a long history as a very noble name; plus, Harry could have a little ginger mini-me to carry on his genes and his first name.

Runner-Up: John (after Princess Diana’s father John Spencer) or James (the name of Kate Middleton’s brother and brother-in-law)

Wildcard Predictions: Dillon or Diandra (close to Princess Diana’s name), May (Harry and Meghan’s anniversary month) or Lily (Meghan loves peonies and a variety of flowers and the name is a spinoff of the Queen’s nickname Lilibet plus as we mentioned Harry already loves the name)