From dazzling Birks diamond snowstorm earrings priced at $11,000 to a 30 carat aquamarine stone from Princess Diana’s legacy collection  — the Duchess of Sussex has a jewelry box of shiny and sparkly jewels with a conservative value estimated to be just under a million dollars (not including her loaned wedding tiara). While Meghan’s accessories are often dainty and demure — they’re still crafted of materials like pricey white gold, quartz and topaz. And while the duchess may have her fair share of shiny sparklers — the California born star also covets simpler styles without the royal price tag.

One of Meghan’s most beloved pieces is her Catbird Threadbare Ring. The duchess has worn the subtle 14k gold slightly hammered ring on nearly 30 occasions. Priced at just $44 the shiny stone-free style is advertised as having been worn by an “American Princess with the initials MM.” Thin and versatile, the charming gold band can be paired with Catbird’s hammered ring in yellow gold, the rose gold mignon ring or the brand’s twisted stacker ring.

Catbird, the Brooklyn based jewelry store that counts Meghan as a fangirl, was founded in 2004 and prides itself on its fair-trade gold and conflict free stones. Specializing in thin stackable rings, dainty earrings and cool knuckle rings — the NYC flagship has gained a celebrity following with Taylor Swift opting for opal and teardrop necklaces from the store and Emma Watson wearing gold hoop earrings and baguette rings produced by the jeweler. Kate Bosworth and British actress Lucy Boynton are also fans.

And while Meghan is truly a trendsetter and has become a ring stacking icon–the duchess also manages the fine art of blending high and low priced pieces together. For a visit to Scotland, the Suits star wore an elegant and eye-catching ring stack full of baubles of all price ranges. The duchess styled her mix and match rings into a fun and playful blend of luxe and low-cost.

As seen on Meghan in Scotland:

Left Hand–Trilogy Engagement Ring

Right Hand–Ring Finger: Missoma Interstellar Ring//Middle Finger: Birks Iconic Splash Ring & Birks Iconic Snowflake Ring//Index Finger: Catbird Threadbare Yellow Gold Ring