Shop the Halcyon Days ‘Maya’ Torque Bangle on Amazon $170 USD

Shop the Halcyon Days ‘Maya’ Torque Bangle at Harrods $124 USD

In January 2020, Duchess Kate made a visit to MiniBrum at Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum. The mom of three was launching a landmark survey which gives people across the UK an opportunity to provide their view on raising the next generation.

Kate’s chic outfit included a Halcyon Days ‘Maya’ Torque Bangle bracelet in aquamarine.  The Halcyon Days ‘Maya’ Torque bracelet is available in limited colors on Amazon, Harrod’s and other retailers.

Halcyon Days’ Maya Torque bangle is composed of 18ct gold plating with a twisted design and is completed with two polished pearls and lacquered accents.