The Princess of Wales doesn’t shy away from royally resplendent jewelry. When she isn’t wearing budget friendly hoops from ASOS or fanciful but affordable styles from Zara, the Berkshire born beauty is often wearing the colorful gems from Kiki McDonough. The royal fashion icon wears the glamorous gemstones for special celebratory occasions, holidays and weddings; Kate loves these posh precious stones for her most memorable outings.

Kiki McDonough stated her namesake company in 1985 — born in Chelsea, she is a fifth generation jeweler who previously worked with Princess Diana. Known for her glossy and generous gems — her colorful and captivating jewels elevate any outfit and create a unique sartorial story. Inspired by the elegance of the ballet, with one collection influenced by the colorful tutus of Sleeping Beauty, Kiki and her team are constantly crafting and creating new and modern jewelry pieces with a hint of whimsy.

Kate’s most beloved jewelry label offers bridal jewelry, special collections including pet-owner approved dog charm bracelets and many heart and romance motifs in their signature styles. The Princess of Wales loves the fine jeweler’s oversized candy colored semi-precious earrings. From blue topaz to green amethyst and lemon quartz, the royal covets the glittery and show-stopping stones for her biggest and most momentous engagements.

  1. Kiki Lavender Amethyst Pear and Oval Drop Earrings

The princess wore these stunning large pear and oval earrings featuring big, bright and bold lavender stones once in 2016 for a welcome reception in Bhutan. She again donned the sparklers paired with a lilac Emilia Wickstead dress in Germany in July 2017. Kate has worn the pretty purple accessories on a total of two occasions. The earrings are believed to be worth $5100.


2. Kiki Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings

The princess wore these blue topaz and oval cushion cut stones designed in 18 karat white gold for the first time in 2017 in Luxembourg with a pastel sky blue Emilia Wickstead fit and flare dress (pictured lower right). She wore the shiny arctic colored gems again in Berlin in 2017 (pictured main). The royal has worn the earrings to Royal Ascot, Trooping the Colour, Anzac Day ceremonies and recently in Scotland for a reception in an Eponine London coat. Kate has worn the mesmerizing blue bling on a total of 9 occasions. The earrings are believed to be valued at $4000.


3. Kiki Green Amethyst Oval Drop and Diamond Earrings

These petite seafoam sparklers made of Kiki’s naturally occurring gemstones have been a favorite of the princess since 2011 when she wore them at Christmas with the royal family. The oval green amethyst drop earrings are surrounded by diamonds set in 18 karat yellow gold on an elegant 18 karat yellow gold and diamond hoop. The princess repeated the soft green pair for Christmas Day in 2013. She also wore them on St. Patrick’s Day in March 2012 (pictured). Kate has worn these earrings on a total of six occasions. The earrings are valued at $3500.


4. Kiki Eden Citrine and Diamond Drop Earrings

The princess has worn these sunny yellow earrings on just three occasions. Once for the royal family’s annual walk to church at Christmas in 2017 (main pictured) as well as for a garden party in Northern Ireland in 2016 (lower right pictured). The unique jewels are made of yellow gold with a round citrine stone surrounded by diamonds that dangle from an Eden pave diamond flower shaped stud. The earrings are believed to be worth $4000.


5. Kiki Candy Pink Tourmaline and Green Amethyst Drop Earrings

When the Princess of Wales is looking to add some drama to her outfit, she turns to these beautiful baubles. The stunning pear drop green amethyst earrings hang from a pretty pink tourmaline stone. Both the green and pink stones are surrounded by delicate light-reflecting diamonds. Kate has worn these large and luxurious earring on two occasions — both times to the National Portrait Gallery (2017 and 2018). The earrings are believed to be worth around $12,000.


6. Kiki Lemon Quartz Pear and Oval Drop Earrings

For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, Princess Kate wore these large pear and oval lemon colored earrings. The canary colored accessories sparkled against her primrose yellow McQueen coat and Philip Treacy rosette trimmed hat. Kate has worn the earrings only on the occasion of the Sussexes wedding. The earrings are believed to be worth $5100.


7. Kiki Lola Blue Topaz Earrings

When she wants to make a glamorous style statement, Kate relies on these custom blue topaz hoops. The jewelry designer later added the bespoke pair to her ‘Lola’ collection featuring round styles with interlocking and intertwining circular motifs. Kate has worn the stylish baby blue earrings to various garden parties, awards and multiple events for the Olympics in 2012. In total she’s donned the blue sparklers seven times. The earrings are believed to be worth $3900.


8. Kiki Green Tourmaline, Green Amethyst and Diamond Earrings

A part of Kiki’s Special Editions Collection, these earrings were custom created for the princess to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s birth in May 2015. (Emerald is the birthstone of May). The elegant drop earrings are designed with green tourmaline and green amethyst stones surrounded by rows of diamonds set in yellow gold. Worn in India in 2016, and for St. Patrick’s Day 2018 and 2019, Kate has worn these sage sparklers on a total of five occasions. The earrings are believed to be worth $4800.


9. Kiki Green Amethyst and Diamond Earrings

Part of Kiki’s ‘Candy’ Collection, these glossy green amethyst teardrop earrings are perfect for Santa season or other green-theme outings. Kate has donned the pair on a total of just two occasions — for Christmas in December 2019 and a reception in Belfast, Ireland in February 2019. The mini green amethyst smooth cut stones are set in 18 karat white gold with dazzling diamonds. Kate also owns the matching necklace. The earrings are believed to be worth $2500.