In the last few years, the Princess of Wales has started a sartorial campaign dedicated to power dressing — preparing for the throne, the Wales matriarch is embracing the look of structured suits, corporate co-ord sweater sets and business blazers.

Gone are the days of airy skater styles and cutesy coat dresses and here to stay is the tailored trouser suit and boardroom blazer. Kate is sending a major message with her clothing and is readying for her royal role as Queen Consort.

Kate’s streak of suits is all about demonstrating leadership, authority and modernity.  While her late mother-in-law Diana was the ‘Queen of Hearts’ — Kate too will take over this mantle and fully embody the title.

Still, Kate’s reign will likely comprise more than local charity projects and community visits; future King William and his wife want to lay the groundwork for major and long-term substantive movements including undertaking campaigns regarding the environment, mental health, children’s welfare and homelessness.

And the princess often sends messages about her future ambitions through her clothing choices and fashion statements. Whether theme dressing, wearing national colors or charity hues, the princess frequently dons clothing with hidden symbolism.

Here are 10 Hidden Messages in Kate Middleton’s Recent Fashions:

1. Sustainable Shearling

For a chat with British radio host Roman Kemp, Kate donned a jacket throwback that surprised hordes of royal fans. The royal wore an L.K. Bennett Darwin shearling jacket that has occupied closet space in her Windsor wardrobe since 2011. Wearing the chocolate brown throwback sent a message about her commitment to eco-conscious clothing and prioritizing recycling and repurposing.


2. Children’s Crusader

The princess repeated a slim blue sheath from Jenny Packham for a video via the Royal Foundation of Early Childhood. Though the dress looked like an unremarkable choice, in fact, the princess has made the dress a ‘childhood champion’ look. Only wearing the bodycon once previously in Northern Ireland, the princess last sported the style for a stop at SureStart which supports parents and provides best practices for early years work.


3. Polar Princess

To meet Captain Preet Chandi after her solo expedition in Antartica, the princess wore very nautical minded colors. Donning an icy white Zara blazer and wintery dark blue slacks, Kate looked every inch the polar princess for a visit to Landau Forte College Derby in February 2023. In addition to her snowy sartorial statement, the princess wore a preppy look which was suitable for the scholarly visit.



4. Diana Doppleganger

For a Wales versus England Six Nations Match in February 2023, Kate’s houndstooth dress coat had three hidden meanings. Serving to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the printed coat had all the symbolic shades of the lover’s holiday. Plus, the checked pattern topper had England Rugby uniform colors. Finally, the jacket bore a resemblance to one of Princess Diana’s most iconic skirt suits.

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5. Coronation Colors

The princess was smartly suited throughout the lead up to King Charles’ crowning and wore an array of figure flattering and regal ensembles. Yet, few people noticed Kate’s garments perfectly aligned with the colors of the climatic coronation celebration. Indeed, Kate’s trifecta of red, white and blue outfits were the exact colors in her coronation robe as well as King Charles’ official coronation emblem.

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6. Style Salute

The princess wore an emerald Andrew Gn ensemble for King Charles’ Trooping the Colour birthday parade in June 2023. The princess dressed entirely in a monochromatic green ensemble to pay homage to her new role as Colonel of the Irish Guards.

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7. Rock Steady

In a year filled with family turmoil and angst, Kate stuck to the script and continued carrying out her regular royal duties. Wearing a Cefinn ‘Petra’ leopard print green shirtdress in June, the princess looked chic and fashionable in the work-friendly midi dress. Petra is the feminine form of Peter and is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘stone’ or ‘rock.’

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8. Grecian Glam

The princess wore this Jenny Packham ‘Anemone’ gown in ivory for the South Korean state banquet. Anemone blossoms are wildflowers in different colors and culturally they often signify sincerity, delicacy and affection. The petal-like sleeves of Kate’s dress are often associated with tears and weeping. In Greek lore, anemone has two meanings: the arrival of spring breezes or the loss of a loved one.

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9. Eternally Emilia 

Proving she’s not all pants and power suits, Kate gave a subtle shoutout to her style of yore with a teal square neck Emilia Wickstead dress worn for a meeting with Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel at Windsor Castle in late November 2023. The quintessential ‘Kate dress’ felt like a fun royal retrospective.


10. Statement in Safiyaa

Embracing the look of caped cocktail dresses, Kate wore Meghan Markle’s signature style for a Royal Variety Performance in late November 2023. Other royal ladies have also been enamored with the demi-couture brand which has been seen on Princess Sofia of Sweden, Crown Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Victoria of Sweden. Kate’s new caped style shows she’s not afraid to dial up the glamour and add to her Crown clothing chest to keep up with her royal counterparts.