When most people picture Kate Middleton, they immediately have images of her long locks and enviable thick tresses. Yet, as much as Princess Kate is known for her beautiful blowouts and voluminous curls, she’s also frequently associated with her dramatic and defined eyebrows.

Far from sparse and over plucked, Kate’s big and beautiful brows are perfect for framing her face and highlighting her hazel-green eyes. But how does she achieve those perfectly soft and never stiff glossy and gorgeous eyebrows?

Here are 5 Ways to Recreate Kate Middleton’s Bold Brows:

1. A Hint of Tint 

To get fuller and fluffier brows like Princess Kate, it’s important not to over tweeze or  wax too often. Shaping the brows with a peptide gel will nourish and volumize arches plus enhance the color and shape of bare brows. Many formulas like Honest Healthy Brow Gel also tint and condition brow hairs for a fuller and thicker result. Peptide gels and growth enhancing formulas add density with their thickening fibers along with conditioning agents like castor oil and red clover.


2. Laminate for the Win

Before she entered the Game of Thrones, the princess was a fresh faced college student taking art classes at the University of St. Andrews. While attending school, Kate’s brows lacked the fluff and puff they have now. In fact, while she always had beautiful arches, the tails of her brows were fairly sparse.

Nowadays, with a little lamination on her brows, they suddenly appear shaped, sculpted and set with a clear and textured brow gel. Give those peepers extra polish with a little lamination in the form of an at-home kit, wax wand or lamination gel.


3. Repair those Bare Brows

Big and beautiful brows don’t happen overnight, but with a repairing formula, lost eyebrow hairs will return. Ingredients like biotin help anyone achieve eyebrow restoration and awaken dormant and dead follicles. Look for other ingredients like clover, rosemary, and sandalwood to help nourish and nurture barren brows. Opt for oils like almond, castor and argan oil. Another helpful regrowth agent? Caffeine from coffee seed oil which can stimulate new growth and encourage the revival of weakened brow strands. Try a Brow Boosting Formula


4. Makeup Must Haves

The Princess of Wales loves Bobbi Brown cosmetics to make her peepers pop and to highlight her strong brows. She’s especially partial to Saddle shadow from the cosmetics company.

A longtime fan of the American makeup line, she reportedly uses Bobbi Brown’s Dark Brow Kit to achieve her flawless fluffy brows. Kate’s favored brow compact comes equipped with two soft neutral brown shades to add fullness and fluff (saddle and mahogany), a mini tweezer and defining brush. The princess’ dark green eyes are enhanced and emphasized with the use of this matte brow palette. Try a Powder Brow Kit


5. Define those Arches

While at one time Kate may have danced a bit of a tweezer tango, today she maintains beautifully soft and natural brows sans plucking. Using a brow template or stencil ensures brows maintain a manicured and flawless finish without the look of severe or slim brow fringe. An eyebrow stamp or stencil kit can help maintain manicured and well-coiffed eyebrows and also achieve a strong high arch and uplifted eyebrow. Try an eyebrow stencil kit or eyebrow stamp kit 

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