Meghan Markle might love roast chicken at home, flowers picked from her garden and a simple but satisfying glass of wine at the end of a long day–these simple pleasures are likely some of her favorite and most satisfying pastimes. One thing about her life however that is likely not so low maintenance: her hair.

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As most women can attest, the war of the coif can be a lifelong struggle filled with dark days of bleach, breakup haircuts and Pinterest boards filled with Medussa manes. Most women have tried many hairstyles, colors and cuts and Meghan is no exception. The California born actress and former calligrapher has had her days of hair experimentation–she’s flirted with bronzed highlights, worn a long lob with heavy fringe and likely played around with clip-in hair extensions.

And despite her sleek and smooth blowouts and enviable shiny hair, Meghan was actually born with lots of curls! To tame her larger-than-life tresses, she relies on a number of hair products to look royal ready.

Meghan Markle Instagram

Markle has told different media publications that in the past she received Brazilian Blowouts and keratin treatments to smooth her long locks and create her signature  swingy shoulder length strands. Keratin treatments can provide the hair with more manageability, greater shine and lasting smoothness.

As Prince Harry’s future spouse and royal engagement partner, Meghan has worn her hair heavily barrel curled just once–at the Invictus Games opening ceremonies. At the Nottingham Academy visit, Markle opted for curled ends but not an overall ‘curly’ style. On most occasions, she prefers a loose wave or smooth blowout like the frizz-free style she wore at the Endeavour Fund Awards.

Since hair smoothing treatments can alter the chemical structure of the hair, it may be harder to keep curls from falling flat and to maintain volume. Thus, in order to achieve her favorite hairstyles, Markle and her beauty squad likely rely on round brushes and hot rollers with lots of hairspray!

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Markle’s favorite producsts include hair oils, heavy smoothing masques and straightening creams. She loves the brands Wella, Kerastase and Shu Uemura. On the set of Suits, the hair stylists used a variety of shine enhancing and smoothing hair products like Shu Uemura Nourishing Protecitve Oil, Paul Mitchell Hairspray, Klorane Dry Shampoo and Aveda Brilliant Retexturizing Gel.

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While some have criticized Markle’s messy bun hairstyles–this is likely an intentional choice for the future duchess and her glam squad. Since the English weather is often rainy and wet, Markle’s hair likely will look flat and lifeless if she were to always wear fresh blowouts. Secondly, saving her hair from frequent sessions of extreme heat and curling can make the hair healthier over time. And lastly, Markle’s messy buns are a practical choice as they keep her hair off her face so she can more easily perform the duties of her meet and greet events. Plus, messy buns look cute and relatable!