Meghan Markle has done the unthinkable: she moved into future husband Prince Harry’s bachelor pad. Yes, that’s right, the future duchess is occupying Nottingham Cottage–which is where Harry lives on the grounds of Kensington Palace and has resided for the past four years.

A modest home compared to Will and Kate‘s recently renovated 20 room apartment just a stone’s throw away, Harry and his beloved have had a modern romance living together in his two bedroom and two bathroom cottage. One of the smaller properties on the palace grounds–the couple likely enjoy the privacy of the simple abode and also relish in each other’s company in a smaller, more intimate space.

The quaint home–as it’s affectionally called ‘Nott Cott’ likely has been a place for Meghan to make a home away from home as the U.S. born Brit is now living across the pond. Meghan is surely infusing her feminine touch as well as imparting her rustic meets glam decorating style into Harry’s habitat. In fact, Meghan has likely taken over the space and added lots of modern and cozy elements.

Since there are scant pictures available of the inside of the property, we’ve taken our best guess as to the style of the interior based on Meghan’s Toronto townhouse design.

Image Credit Lake Lovers

Since Meghan loves muted gray and crisp white furnishings, we’re guessing the Nottingham Cottage has a lot of minimalist midcentury furniture with touches of color like in the decorative throw pillows, plants, flowers and books. Meghan almost surely enjoys her favorite wine, a glass of Tignanello, by the fireplace during the cold, rainy English evenings. Try this woodburning fireplace for cozy nights at home.

Image Credit Home-Designing

Since space is limited in Nottingham, Meghan may style one of the bedrooms to serve as a contemporary home office meets library meets guest room. She would want to keep the space uncluttered with simple sconces, cozy velvet pillows and built-in bookshelves along with a custom closet. Decorate like a duchess and add colorful whimsical pillows to your space.

Meghan would also likely want a dressing room or a vanity area to get ready for royal functions and appearances. Since she would want the Nottingham home to reflect Harry’s British heritage and her American sensibilities, the space would probably have a variety of decor like an umbrella rack, Provence ottoman and heavy floral curtains.

Image Credit Paul Massey

Many areas of the Nottingham Cottage home are likely to echo the past with Tudor styling. Meghan may not be a fan of frilly wallpaper and lots of ornate decor but she’s likely to find the classic clawfoot or skirted bathtub with vintage fixtures to be a relaxing getaway from royal duties and demands.

Image Credit Torneififa

Meghan and Harry may here the pitter patter of little feet soon as both seem eager to start a family. In decorating a nursery, they will likely keep the quaint English countryside a part of the design scheme and will want to ensure their little bundle of joy enjoys an opulent and cozy bedroom. A luxurious crib will be a must for the royal duo!

Featured Image Credit: The Tig