Meghan Markle’s former Toronto townhouse was recently sold to a private buyer. Situated in the Seaton Village neighborhood in Toronto’s west end the home boasted a private terrace for gardening and backyard BBQs as well as a carpeted basement area and bathrooms with marble finishes and sleek gray tile.

Meghan reportedly inhabited the two-story, three-bedroom house by herself along with her two adopted dogs Guy and Bogart. The listing price for the final sale was right around 1.4 million.

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Unit #10 is where Markle spent her pre-royal days as a part-time Canadian; the actress worked and lived in Toronto since 2011 where she filmed the television series Suits. The home hosted Harry and Meghan’s pre-public days as a couple where they spent private nights watching cooking programs on Netflix, snuggling with Meghan’s dogs and drinking wine and sharing stories and hopes and dreams for the future including plans for humanitarian endeavors and travel adventures.

There is much to be garnered from the house, the decor and Meghan’s many Instagram posts featuring the cozy abode. For starters, though the unit was likely furnished and reportedly rented by the show (Suits)–it’s urban chic motif likely fit Meghan’s personalty perfectly. Many charcoal paintings, Union Jack pillows (a nod to Meghan’s future home) and lots of luxe extras made this updated home very current and contemporary.

Still, Markle put her own touches on the home’s decor. Frequently she bought fresh flowers, dog beds and kept an assortment of fashion and designer coffee table books for decorative purposes and for reading material.

Scented candles from Diptyque, cozy Turkish tassel throws and peonies aplenty made the home feel like a true getaway. The stark white color palette also reflected Meghan’s desire for simplicity and minimalism. It seems she gravitated toward gray and white stripes and fuzzy, textured fabrics–like sheepskin, soft shag rugs and warm blankets.

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In addition, her home showed an affection for rustic ‘shabby chic’ elements like large wooden trays, vintage chevron picture frames and distressed trunks which functioned as coffee tables. Meghan’s home also featured midcentury dining chairs and clay pitchers (for her home-grown florals).

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For her bedroom, it was more farmhouse-inspired with a wrought iron frame and all white bedding. For added color and charm, Meghan used colorful rugs, watercolor art by Inslee Fariss and photographs by Gray Maslin, plushy pillows and mason jars brimming with bright pink peonies and crisp white flowers.

Meghan Markle Instagram

Meghan’s home was clearly a spot she enjoyed and no doubt she will be acting as an interior designer (and newlywed nester!) at her new home with Harry at Nottingham Cottage.