The Duchess of Sussex could arguably be named of the ‘most famous women in the world’ as she’s garnered a great deal of interest since her engagement to Prince Harry. Glamorous, independent and a go-getter of the highest order, Meghan’s arrival on the perfectly pristine and meticulously manicured grounds of Buckingham Palace has caused some to take to their keyboards to criticize and condemn not to mention mock Meghan. The “trolls” of the digital age have tried to make Markle’s seamless transition from commoner to duchess dynamo into a horror show.


And no where is this more evident than in the constant mudslinging of Meghan’s most idyllic maternity moments. From being accused of too much bump cradling to “coat flicking” Meghan has suffered the unfortunate gossip, public scrutiny and social media backlash that comes with being welcomed into one of the most famous families in the world.


It seems that Meghan’s arrival into the royal sphere has brought out hate and harassment on the part of some crazies and clickbait-happy media publications. One of the most ridiculous and downright ludicrous stories is the tale of Meghan’s baby bump. While some have argued that her tummy is perfectly proportioned not to mention adorable — others have labeled her blossoming belly a ‘moonbump‘ and ‘fake.’ The choir of reproach and ridicule has gotten so loud that Meghan has even reportedly turned to friend Serena Williams for help.


Bizarre as the claims are–it seems the haters and tabloid press love to mock and menace Meghan. In an effort to put the scrutiny and suspicion to rest, here are 4 Reasons Why Meghan Markle’s Baby Bump is Always Changing:

  1. Clothes

The duchess has a fully stocked wardrobe of beautiful dresses, chic coats and professional pant suits, thus, at every engagement–her clothing will either be more fitted or loose and either emphasize or cloak her burgeoning belly. The colors, accessories and print of Meghan’s clothing can also detract or showcase her new shape.

In a navy Dion Lee dress, Meghan looked very slender and the pleating of the dress disguised her growing tummy.


And in another photo likely taken minutes apart, Meghan’s bump is much more obvious and clearly defined.


2. Angles

On a royal tour stop in New Zealand in October, Meghan appeared to have a very slim waistline.


A different photograph taken from another angle and essentially a ‘side view’ of Meghan’s torso revealed a much more noticeable protrusion of a bump.

Kensington Royal/PA

3. Lighting

In certain lighting Meghan’s bump will look more easily visible while in other settings–her bump will be less easily detected.

In the photo taken in October of the duchess in New Zealand with Prince Harry, Meghan looks very trim and slender.

Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein / WireImage

In another photo taken during the same outing, Meghan’s bump is more evident.


4. Posture

If Meghan is seated or standing, slouching or standing up straight, leaning forward or leaning back–these actions will all change the view the camera gets of her midsection.

Meghan outfitted in Jason Wu looks to have a nearly invisible baby bump in Fiji during a side profile photograph.


Other forward facing shots from the same appearance reveal a different fuller frame.


Finally, Meghan’s bump may change due to optical illusions from the camera as well as due to the time of day, how much food or drink the duchess has consumed, water retention and even if the baby has moved.