While being a royal is a glamorous gig, it can also be very arduous. Both Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan have packed royal calendars, busy lifestyles and managing motherhood on their ever growing list of to-dos. Not only do these ladies have to contend with lack of privacy and constant gossip, but they have to remain picture perfect at every outing. A recent article revealed that Meghan’s calendar is full through 2021! So how do these world famous women keep it all together? Well, they employ a few stress busters to maintain their sanity and reduce their anxiety.

Here are 5 of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s Best Stress Busters:

  1. Calligraphy

When Duchess Meghan is feeling out of sorts she can turn to one of her beloved hobbies to soothe her frayed nerves: calligraphy. The unique art form of practicing lettering and creating written words through brush strokes is thought to have similar benefits to meditation. There are even books called ‘Calm Calligraphy‘ which promise to offer a reprieve from the noise of the digital world with soothing handwriting exercises.

2. Photography

Meghan isn’t the only royal who relaxes with a bit of an artistic escape. The Duchess of Cambridge is incredibly fond of practicing photography in her free time. Often the one releasing new pictures of her children, Kate has an eye when it comes to snapping the perfect shot. If only she had an Instagram account (*sigh*), we’d likely see some ultra-adorable pictures of her growing brood.

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3. Sleep

Both Meghan and Kate have to safeguard their sleep with their hectic schedules and mom life on full throttle. Luckily, the Duchess of Cambridge relies on her secret weapon: Beuti Sleep Elixir. The decadent but still budget-friendly natural oil combats redness and inflammation while also boasting sandalwood, geranium and neroli to help Kate arrive at dreamland with little effort.

4. Supplements

While Meghan and Harry were recently spotted at an apothecary and rumors have swirled that the duchess relied heavily on acupuncture and yoga as well as meditation during her pregnancy, she still likely made room for some herbal support. Once a fan of homeopathy, as well as having a love affair with ashwagandha, the Frogmore Cottage resident reportedly takes Cortisol Manager at night for sleep and stress reduction.

5. Coloring Books

In an interview in 2016, Prince William revealed his wife Catherine loves a good old fashioned coloring book for a bit of R&R. The future king told an illustrator that his better half is especially fond of the ‘Secret Garden‘ and covets adult coloring books as a low-maintenance digital detox. It’s not surprising that Kate loves a garden-happy art book as her Chelsea Flower Show display recently revealed her adoration of all things nature.

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Other ways Kate and Meghan relax? Both ladies are fond of spa days and Kate loves a good manicure with Ballet Slippers polish. The royal gal pals also enjoy exercise with Kate favoring running and Meghan opting for yoga.

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And finally, both ladies reduce stress with the occasional glass of wine and a night of TV. (William and Kate reportedly love Game of Thrones while Harry and Meghan love the Crown and Netflix baking competitions). Plus, they rely on diets full of nutritious foods to calm their stress and both royals enjoy green juice and almond milk and berry smoothies.