When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex presented their newborn son to the world, many people were eager to know the baby’s name and official title. While little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor will grow up in a royal household, his day to day moniker will most often be ‘Master Archie.’ The non-traditional name came as a surprise to royal watchers who had bets on names like James, Alexander and Spencer.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Harry and Meghan Might Have Named their Son Archie:

1. Major Mentor

Major Tom Archer-Burton (known as “Archie”) was a pivotal person in Prince Harry’s life. The commanding officer persuaded the prince not to quit the army and arranged a secret trip to Afghanistan for the young royal. In tribute of this British army officer and close mentor, Harry could’ve selected this name for its special meaning.

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2. Purr-fection

It’s possible the Duchess of Sussex compared notes with Prince Harry on potential baby names and they both realized a strong connection to the name Archie. Indeed, friends of Meghan’s told The Sun, that the duchess had a deep affection for her pet cat named Archie and was in love with the rescue feline who was saved by mom Doria Ragland. To this day, Meghan shows she’s still crazy about cats with her Charlotte Olympia Kitty slippers.

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3. Cartoon Loon

The Duchess of Sussex was once a comic book fanatic and regularly collected Archie comic books. In fact, she spent much of her youth going to vintage stores in search of more of the cartoon books featuring a ginger-haired fictional teenager known as Archie Andrews. It’s interesting that Meghan had a crush on the redheaded character long before she met her strawberry blonde prince!


4. By George

Prince George was out on a walk with his grandmother Carole Middleton when a passerby recognized the young boy and asked him his name months before the baby’s arrival. Without missing a beat the young prince said his name was “Archie.” While many believed that the little prince used a nickname for security reasons, it appears as though he heard the name circulating at home and adopted the moniker for himself. It’s also possible that Harry and Meghan liked the code name so much they opted to use it for their son.


5. Ginger Spice

In another possibility, Harry and Meghan may be fans of the television program  featuring redhead rebel Archie Andrews. The name would make sense as both Harry and Archibald share ginger locks and the CW teen drama series makes this Riverdale High School teenager look pretty tough and tenacious–characteristics Harry and Meghan may hope their newborn may have as he grows up in a luxurious but privacy deprived world.