Yes, she’s a gorgeous brunette with beautiful baby boy and is married to her own Prince Charming but Meghan Markle relies on more than genes, good luck and a happy home to keep herself princess pretty. In fact, besides an extremely healthy diet, strict fitness routine including yoga and running and lots of luxe skincare products, the new mom gets a little help in the beauty department from her own medicine cabinet.

Here are Meghan Markle’s Favorite Beauty Supplements:

  1. Adaptogen Arsenal

The Duchess of Sussex reportedly is a fan of Glow Bar’s Ashwagandha powder which acts as a natural antidepressant. The ancient botanical can lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression. Meghan reportedly used the elixir to calm pre-wedding jitters.

In addition to Ashwagandha powder which the duchess can stir into a cup of tea, Meghan reportedly loves to take Cortisol Manager during periods of high stress. The popular formula contains ingredients like L-theanine and Magnolia bark to balance cortisol levels and promote a restful night’s sleep.



2. Good Bugs

While Harry and Meghan are often busy traveling overseas for royal tours — Meghan likely relies on her favorite Dr. Ohhira probiotics to keep her stomach free from distress. The speciality supplement features active, living probiotics in a breathable capsule that allows oxygen in and out. Each capsule contains healthy veggies so the probiotic bacteria stay alive for years on the shelf. Undoubtedly Meghan will pack the gut booster for her trip to the United States with Prince Harry and baby Archie over the Thanksgiving holiday.



3. Glow Getter

Meghan Markle’s facialist Nichola Joss who is famous for her signature style of sculpting facials with additional cheek contouring is not just a face kneader extraordinaire but also a devotee of healthy supplements packed with Vitamin C, turmeric, flaxseed oil and Coenzyme Q10. Joss more than likely gave Meghan a kit of her morning and night supplements to keep her hair, nails and skin in top condition.



4. Homeopathic Healing

The duchess may also be inclined to use homeopathic remedies for symptoms of colds and flus as well as arnica for muscle relief and Boiron’s Sedalia for stress and sleep. In addition, the Frogmore mama may turn to the natural remedies like teething tablets and drops for Major Archie.


The Duchess of Sussex also reportedly loves B12 drops for energy and magnesium for bedtime as well as a multivitamin.