While the Duchess of Cambridge owns priceless baubles, timeless treasures from the late Princess Diana and has a few sparkly things on loan from the lady at the top–it doesn’t mean the duchess is a slave to sapphires and heirlooms worth a king’s (or rather Queen’s) ransom. In fact, this country-minded royal from the rolling and picturesque hills of Berkshire loves a good pair of nature inspired earrings just as much as the next English Rose.

Here is Kate Middleton’s Collection of Leaf Earrings:

Asprey London Oak Leaf Earrings

Kate’s hoops of intertwined oak leaves in 18K gold and pave diamonds have been worn on repeat since July 2018. The duchess loves her earthy bling! Find a Replikate HERE 



Catherine Zoraida Gold Fern Hoop Earrings

Don’t stand in the way of Kate’s quest to become a leaf loving jewelry juggernaut! The mom of three can’t resist feminine fern hoops in gold plated silver. Find a Replikate HERE



Catherine Zoraida Gold Double Leaf Earrings

Country Catherine! The duchess loves demure leaf earrings with a twist. Case in point: her Zoraida engraved feather detail leaf earrings. Find a Replikate HERE



Catherine Zoraida Gold Fern Drop Earrings

A part of Kate’s jewelry collection since just February 2020, these fern drop earrings in gold plated silver are likely to reappear over and over during Kate’s plethora of royal engagements. Find a Replikate HERE



Robinson Pelham Diamond Acorn Wedding Earrings

These woodsy diamond set stylized oak earrings are so Kate. With a sparkly acorn suspended in the center (hello tree theme!) and leaves which dangle into a pear shaped diamond set drop, it’s nearly guaranteed Princess Charlotte will inherit these fierce forest accessories. Find a Replikate HERE



Accesorize Polly Petal Drop Earrings

Just call her the Plant Princess? Kate proves she has an ongoing love affair with all things horticulture amid a botanic wonderland in a cluster of pale pink petal earrings. Find the earrings HERE



Vinnie Day Gold Plated Logo Leaf Earrings

Don’t accuse the duchess of stepping out in luxe leaf jewels only as of late. The British royal has been wearing plant-inspired pieces since 2011 when she debuted these leafy statement earrings on the Royal Tour of Canada. Find a Replikate HERE