While the world continues to digest the Sussex sitdown with the Queen of daytime talk Oprah Winfrey — many are still reeling from the dramatic revelations. And though the interview has been compared to the late Princess Diana’s Panorama interview with Martin Bashir — there are a few key differences namely Prince Harry was born into the royal family (unlike Princess Diana who joined the monarchy by marriage), Diana’s claims were mostly targeted at Prince Charles and his behavior during their union and the Princess had experienced turmoil during a long period of time (over a decade) as a working royal.

While the Sussexes made many astonishing allegations and shared their personal trauma with the world–their body language made clear their suffering and sadness. Much of the nuisances of their movements and gestures could reflect their state of mind and their feelings.

Hand Movements

Prince Harry interlocked his fingers and nervously fidgeted with his wedding ring. The gesture could mean he was feeling ‘ungrounded’ and was touching a tangible object to feel more comfortable. It also could indicate a desire to self-soothe and hide emotions of fear or nervousness.


Belly Caress

During the interview Meghan was often captured lightly cradling her baby bump. The loving and sweet gesture is a bonding tool for mom to reassure her baby while it can also be a sign of instilling calm and trying to protect an unborn child.


Eye Expressions

While at times it seemed Meghan and Harry could not hide their pain and angst–certain questions seemed to cause the couple more discomfort. Harry’s eyebrows furrowed while Meghan closed hers (likely a means to ‘shut off’ the world and block the source of uneasiness) during a series of questions.


Direct Eye Contact

Despite the intense interview which lasted many hours — Meghan often relayed a sense of confidence and composure. She was poised with strong posture and shoulders held upright — the duchess made direct eye contact with Oprah and appeared unfazed with her inquiries. Meghan’s body language indicated confidence and faith in the validity of her disclosures.


Interlaced Fingers

In the study of body language, intertwined fingers often relay worry and a desire to calm or steady nervous hands. The gesture can also be indicative of a way to gain feelings of security and comfort as well as restrain feelings of hostility, anger and frustration.



Meghan’s gestures often seemed to indicate reflection and consideration for her words — she appeared to be deep in thought with her hands covering her mouth in an attempt to suppress her emotions. She looked deeply upset and was displaying signs of emotional hurt and sadness.


Happy Smiles

Despite the intensity of the interview — Meghan and Harry displayed wide smiles, relaxed body posture and interlaced fingers when talking about their baby girl. Harry’s right hand completely relaxed and each of his fingers splayed out indicating positivity, happiness and openness. Meghan and Harry appear in sync and with equal levels of excitement and joy at their impending arrival.

Harpo/CBS/Joe Puglise