Graceful, elegant and poised — the Princess of Wales can execute the most flawless royal curtsy. When tasked with dropping to knees in a traditional show of respect for senior royals, Kate never fails to impress. More impressive than Kate’s curtsy form is that the mom of three often has to bow in towering three or four inch heels and sky-high pumps. Still, she always manages to look impeccable when showing her skillful curtsy posture.

Here are 12 of Kate Middleton’s Best Curtsy Moments:

  1. A Beautiful Bow

Proving she’s got the right stuff for royal life, Kate slipped into a deep curtsy at the Order of the Garter service in June 2023 in a sign for respect for King Charles and Queen Camilla.

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2. Flower Flex

At the Chelsea Garden Show in 2019, the princess knelt into a deep curtsy to greet Queen Elizabeth. Kate welcomed the monarch to the flower show and took her for a tour of her Back to Nature exhibit.

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3. Crowning Glory

In Nottingham, Queen Elizabeth, Kate and William received fanfare from 35,000 royal fans to celebrate festivities for the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012. Ahead of viewing a children’s sporting event, Kate made a deep dip for Her Majesty.

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4. Easter Greetings

In April 2017, the future Princess of Wales showed off her creamy Easter ensemble while doing her customary curtsy for the Queen.

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5. Church Curtsy

At Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, Kate’s curtsy was seen by holiday revelers as it was her first encounter of the day with the then reigning monarch. In January 2016, Kate greeted the sovereign with her usual show of respect prior to Sunday Church service.

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6. Bridal Bow

Offering her reverence for Queen Elizabeth II, Kate dropped to a bended knee to politely show her deference.

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7. Charles in Charge

At Princess Kate’s Christmas Carol service in December 2022, the British beauty was seen on television bowing to King Charles at Westminster Abbey.


8. Tour Timeout

Greeting foreign royals alongside Prince Harry in 2014, the then duchess showed her charming curtsy to King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium.



9. On the Right Track

After their successful holiday train tour, Kate had a royal reunion with the Queen at Windsor Castle. She greeted the monarch with her usual flawless curtsy.

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10. Duchess Duo

In a show of unity and respect, the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex went on bended knee during Christmas

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11. Parade Pause

For a patron lunch celebration in June 2016 in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday, Kate greeted the reigning ruler with a polite curtsy as she traveled by car with Prince Phillip down The Mall.

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12. Goodbye Curtsy

In her last show of respect to Elizabeth the Second, the princess paused and knelt for a final curtsy facing the Queen’s coffin.

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