Royal rumors abound on social media. Conspiracy theorists craft wild and preposterous claims that many people believe — but most of the time, the gossip is simply fake news. Still, it doesn’t stop the royal rumor mill from spreading some truth-free tea.

Here are 5 of the Most Ridiculous Royal Rumors Debunked:

  1. August and Archie are the Same Person

With full heads of dark ginger curls and adorable smiles plus names beginning with the letter A, it’s easy to see why the rumor mill has concocted the outrageous theory that Prince Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and August Brooksbank (Princess Eugenie’s son) might be the same child. In fact, these two could be brothers but alas, they’re not the same royal offspring.


2. Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy was a Hoax

Persistent rumors have claimed Meghan Markle’s pregnancy bump was a bit suspicious. Say what?! From claiming her bump inflated and deflated like a balloon to accusing Meghan of donning a fake belly bodysuit — this rumor continues to inspire the Tumblr and Twitter trolls to make bizarre assertions. Even with Meghan’s burgeoning belly button on display plus a video showing the growing royal baby kicking, there are still those in the make-believe mob who say her pregnancies were not the real deal.

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3. Harry and Meghan are Divorcing

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary — those pesky social media sleuths insist that Harry and Meghan are living separate lives, staying in separate spaces (hotel for him, home for her) and strategizing their separate career paths. Yet, both appear aligned on future passion projects and pursuits — like upcoming collaborations as producers, Invictus Games outings and Netflix documentaries.

AP Photo/Peter Dejong


4. William and Kate Having Marital Problems

Rumors of a romantic rift in the Wales household have also become fodder for tabloid gossip columns. Despite literally zero evidence to point to any domestic turmoil, the whispers grew so loud in intensity and severity that even publications like Elle Magazine reported on a supposed sordid scandal in the couples marriage. If anyone is wondering if rumors are true or false — look no further than the name of Kate’s beloved sister Pippa Middleton’s newest daughter — Rose.


5. Meghan and Harry Have Fallen Out with their Friends

Many rumors have dogged the Sussexes but one which has started to circulate again is that the couple have fallen out with many of their closest friends. Recently a supposed clash was reported between the Sussexes and Beckhams, while others have manufactured untruths about Harry and Meghan’s deteriorating friendships with the Bidens, Oprah and George and Amal Clooney. To prove how these rumors are mostly blatant lies — the Duchess of Sussex was recently seen on a birthday outing with Ellen Degeneres’ spouse Portia de Rossi for a showing of the Barbie movie despite wild claims their friendship was “doomed.”

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