While most women might wear their hair in an elaborate updo for a few special events their whole lifetime, namely for weddings or prom, Princess Kate wears complicated chic chignons and twisted beehive hairstyles on countless occasions throughout the year.

While Princess Kate’s sister-in-law Meghan Markle often gravitated toward laidback loose and ‘messy’ bun hairstyles, the mom of three is partial to more intricate hairdos. Kate frequently wears low ballerina buns with a few hanging tendrils, business buns with wraparound pieces and even occasionally flirts with braided boho styles.

Recently the princess has embraced the formal updo and worn the style on multiple occasions and outings. The British beauty often resorts to big and billowy buns for special ceremonial functions. Accenting her formal fashions, Kate’s hairstyles are perfectly prim, proper and polished.

Here are 9 of Kate Middleton’s Most Elegant Recent Updo Hairstyles:

1. Big and Beautiful Bun 

A take on the top bun, this twisted hairstyle is perfect for Kate’s most regal and stately engagements. The wrap hairstyle includes woven pieces arranged to make a grand high bun with plenty of tantalizing texture.

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2. Playful and Pretty Updo

A tuck and roll bun gets a modern update with face framing fringe. Kate’s double bun hairstyle is fancy but not frumpy.

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3. Sophisticated Sideswept Bun

An elegant looped bun gives a complex chignon more regal attitude. Kate’s enviable massive wrap around hairstyle sent throngs of royal watchers straight to the salon.

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4. Tucked and Tidy

A tuck and roll bun feels polished but not pretentious. Kate’s Remembrance Sunday hairstyle was fanciful but not overly fussy.

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5. Cinderella Chignon

Having a flirty fairytale feel, Kate’s bouffant bun was the perfect choice for a day of horse racing at Royal Ascot. Kate’s thick tresses were woven into a mane maze that was as alluring as it was artistic.

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6. Sculptural Statement 

Slightly reminiscent of a French braid updo, Kate’s meticulously coiffed mane was wrapped into a sculpted and secured twisted high bun with plenty of heft.

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7. Coronation Chignon

In her elevated new role as Princess of Wales, Kate looked to bring both grit and glamour to the coronation ceremony. Preferring to keep her crowning glory in a tangle of tresses, the busy royal opted for an elegant upstyle with intertwined and overlapping hair strands.

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8. Timid Tuck

The inverted bun or Gibson tuck hairstyle is perfect for wearing with large brim hats and fussy fascinators. Demure and dainty, the look is made by twirling a ponytail into a pouch.

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9. Interlaced Bun 

A voluminous classic bun is given a refresh with twisted and spooled strands forming a sturdy style perfect for windy or wet weather occasions.

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