Rumor has it the Wales will this year spend Christmastime with the royal family as well as Kate’s immediate family the Middletons before embarking on a getaway. US Weekly offers exclusive details saying the family vacation will “take place somewhere in the Commonwealth.” The source also says there will be a “beach and relaxation for the whole family.”

As the Wales often take holiday getaways during the Christmas season, it would not be an oddity for the family to take an extended and uninterrupted stress-free seasonal excursion.

What holiday paradise might the Wales family visit this season? If their itinerary includes any of their previous vacation spots — it’s bound to incorporate a beachfront view, walks near sandy shores and plenty of sea sports. If they’re inclined to seek the snow, they may visit their French ski sanctuary. Wherever their journey leads, it will surely include privacy, luxe amenities and stunning surroundings.

Here are Kate Middleton’s Favorite Holiday Vacation Destinations:


A lush archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, this island republic is home to numerous beaches, coral reefs and rainforests. The tropical vegetation, aquamarine waters and palm jungles make this isolated island escape a favorite of Princess Kate and Prince William.

The couple had a memorable 10-day stay in the balmy paradise during their honeymoon in early May 2011. It was believed that the royal bride didn’t even know where the groom was taking her before boarding a private jet to make the journey to the ultra exclusive North Island (one of 42 inner islands). The Ile du Nord boasts four beaches with one aptly being called ‘Honeymoon Cove.’ In addition, the island is known for its giant land tortoises, pristine white beaches and coconut groves. The island country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.



This small privately owned and operated island offers visitors the ultimate in a safe, secret and secluded getaway. The nation is part of the Grenadines, a chain of islands in the West Indies; paparazzi are banned on the exclusive island with many A-List visitors and celebrity homeowners including Tommy Hilfiger and Mick Jagger. The small four-mile island offers plenty of opportunities for vacationers to explore lagoon beaches, snorkel, surf and swim. Plus, visitors can indulge in beach-combing, sunbathing and cocktails at sunset with total privacy. Offering a unique coastline bordering the Atlantic and Caribbean seas, this posh paradise is 110 miles west of Barbados and a frequent favorite of the princess.

The nation is in the Commonwealth Network and has been visited by the Wales on numerous occasions. Prince George celebrated his sixth birthday at the resort hideaway and the family reportedly stayed at in a five-bedroom colonial villa featuring an infinity pool, ocean views and private gardens. A live-in chef, housekeeper and private staff help keep the property running smoothly. The prince and princess have also spent many romantic vacations on the island and even once shared a cliff top villa. Princess Kate has been so impressed with the beauty of the scenic retreat she once visited the Caribbean refuge twice in the span of around two weeks (returning back to the UK for around 10 days before departing again). The mom of three is such a fan of the private paradise the press once dubbed her the ‘Queen of Mustique.’


Isles of Scilly 

The Wales family spend many of their summer holidays on this beautiful island off the coast of England. A charming archipelago off the Cornish coast, in southwest England, the scenic spot boasts some of Britain’s most exotic botanical gardens and wildlife.

Kate and William enjoy staying at Dolphin House, a six bedroom cottage with stunning seascapes as well as a view of the local lighthouse. Tresco winemakers, bakers and fishermen help to keep local restaurants stocked with fresh delights. Stargazing, kayaking and seal watching are other popular pastimes on the English island escape.


Courchevel, France

When the family want to skip the crystal blue waters and sandy shores, they can head to their favorite French luxury skiing resort. In April 2022, the family of five were joined by Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton and her brood for a visit to the slopes. Previously, the family enjoyed a trip to the French Alps where they posed for pictures released via their social channels showing Prince George and Princess Charlotte in toddler snowsuits. Last year, Kate wore a Toni Sailer Hooded Jacket in white and Chloe Paneled Bootcut ski pants for a day on the mountains with her husband.

The Tarentaise Valley ski paradise offers guests breathtaking snowy peak views as well hotels with ice skating rinks and swimming complexes. Will and Kate likely stay in a cozy chalet with a jacuzzi, large terrace and private chef. Their icy getaways undoubtedly include family time in front of the fireplace, exceptional French cuisine and plenty of other Alpine adventures.