The Princess of Wales has undergone a scheduled abdominal surgery and the operation was successful according to new reports. While news of Kate’s medical condition caught many royal watchers off guard, there was speculation the princess might be unwell due to a few recent absences.

While the princess is typically seen early in the new year on the walk to church at Sandringham in Norfolk, she was not spotted attending services this year. The last public appearance made by the princess was on Christmas Day.

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Many social media users are speculating about the type of procedure but the only details released by Kensington Palace are those that the surgery was planned and recuperation will take many months. The statement from KP says that Kate will remain hospitalized for “ten to fourteen days.” Kate’s surgical procedure was performed by the medical staff at the London Clinic.

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There were signs the princess has not been feeling well including missing an international trip with Prince William for the Earthshot Awards held in Singapore in early November. At the time, the princess was said to have been helping Prince George study for exams.

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In addition, there was no new birthday picture or notes of appreciation for birthday wishes on the Wales’ social media channels as is the norm for Kate’s birthday.

The occasion was instead only marked by a picture from The Royal Family account.

There has been speculation that Kate’s procedure could be somehow related to Hyperemesis gravidarum — an ailment she suffered when pregnant with all three of her children. The condition causes chronic nausea and vomiting which does greatly affect the gastrointestinal system. Kate was even hospitalized while pregnant as the severity of the disorder became so debilitating as to create a need for medical intervention while she was expecting Prince George. The princess received treatment at King Edward VII Hospital for four days before being released in early December 2012.

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Much of the princess’ previous medical history remains private with the palace at one time releasing information about an emergency childhood operation due to the visibility of a scar on Kate’s scalp.

In addition, the princess had one other recent notable absence — a missed meeting with The Royal Foundation Business Taskforce held January 15th.

Princess Kate’s calendar will look very different for the next few months into early Spring 2024. She will not be able to attend the BAFTA Awards or annual Commonwealth Service as well as missing a previously planned overseas trip to Rome and a mystery military tour.

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Currently there is a press pack outside the London Clinic where Kate is recuperating. Though, it’s extremely unlikely reporters will be granted access or photos of the Wales family and Kate’s relatives making visits to the hospital facility.

According to the official palace statement, the princess will not resume regular royal duties until after Easter. Kate will be recovering from the procedure at her home in Windsor.