Admired for her glossy chestnut locks, flawless skin and fluffy brows, Princess Kate is constantly winning admirers for her stunning visage and perfect complexion. Still, few know the products and estheticians in Kate’s confidential and top secret beauty regimen.

The Princess of Wales looks as fresh faced and dewy as she did in her college years — so what skincare does she keep in her beauty cabinet and what does she do to maintain her flawless face?


Here are 10 of Kate Middleton’s Anti-Aging Secrets:

1. Rosehip Oil

The princess is reportedly a fan of this Triology hydrating and repairing elixir combining rosehip and cranberry oils as well as antioxidants, fatty acids and other skin repair nutrients. The future Queen loves this unique organic oil pressed from tomato seeds to keep her complexion in top form — she was reportedly enamored with the replenishing face serum while expecting Princess Charlotte (the cold pressed oil also works well for pregnancy stretch marks).

2. Cold Plunges 

Many beauty companies are now making cryo creams and cooling masks to meet the demand for glacial products. Ice lotions and cold plasma moisturizers help make the complexion radiant and keep the skin plump and firm. The princess is a fan of cold plunges and regularly swims in frigid waters thus, bringing fresh oxygen to her skin cells and promoting cell turnover and tissue repair.

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3. Nivea Natural Cream 

The royal beauty was once spotted in a Boots pharmacy loading up on Nivea’s Pure and Natural Moisturizing Cream. No longer available, the mild formula combines skin-regenerating and soothing ingredients like argan oil and aloe vera.

4. Oxygen Face Creams

A fan of Swiss beauty line Karin Herzog —  a decade ago the princess was fangirling for this patented skincare brand which specializes in products with active oxygen. Topically oxygen helps cleanse the skin, combats free radicals and improves texture and tone. Kate reportedly previously used the brand’s Oxygen Face Normalizing Cream (containing 2% active oxygen) which is marketed for oily and combination skin. The princess is believed to have used the lotion on the morning before her wedding day on  April 29th 2011.


5. Stress Squashing Moisturizers

Raising three children and constantly being in the public eye has its challenges, that’s why Princess Kate relies on the Hydra Zen moisturizer from Lancome to keep her skin looking radiant and refreshed. Formulated with peony extract, this creamy moisturizer imparts a natural glow and leaves the skin hydrated and smooth.


6. Bee Venom 

Not one to shun trying a new skincare trend, the princess has reportedly had a Bee Venom facial with Deborah Mitchell who founded Heaven Skincare. Mitchell’s luxurious skin range includes the Black Bee Venom Face Mask, which is an organic cream that controls and tightens the facial muscles for a lifted and sculpted look. The formula contains rare been venom with Abeetoxin which acts as a natural alternative to Botox.


7. Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel 

After meeting with the Princess of Wales, Michelle Obama shared with her makeup artist the top secret skin gel that is favored by the royal. Kate reportedly told Obama that she loves this skin tightening lotion which reduces wrinkles depth by 27% after four weeks of use.

8. Buccal Facials

Rumor has it that Princess Kate and the Duchess of Sussex have tried this sculpting massage treatment which uses contouring techniques in and outside of the clients mouth to create a more lifted and sculpted appearance. Much like jawline sculpting gua sha, fans claim the relaxing facial treatment releases tension around the mouth and creates a tighter and firmer face.



9. Rodial Placenta 24 Carat Gold Ultimate Cream

The princess is believed to have used this youth-boosting moisturizer to keep wrinkles at bay while helping to plump, tone and tighten (according to source Manchester Evening Live). Combing liquid and colloidal gold, the unique formula boasts golden speckles promising to impart immediate radiance. Amino acid rich placenta protein, circulation boosting bee venom, age spot erasing Vitamin C and wrinkle depth reducing golden collagenine make this a star in Kate’s anti-aging arsenal. Try the Bee Venom Version on Amazon


10. Hyaluronic Acid Serum

No youth promoting skin regimen is complete without a good hyaluronic acid serum; these powerhouse products help reduce wrinkles and fine lines while offering plenty of moisture (sans surgery). The princess is fond of Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Serum which she carries while abroad on royal tour. The designer skincare serum helps to revive the complexion with HA, prebiotics and vitamins that plump up the face and protect the skin barrier.