Make no mistake: Meghan Markle is a mama’s girl. Sharing an incredibly close bond and friendship, Meghan has long been a doting daughter to mother and BFF Doria Ragland.

Meghan has said of Doria to Glamour Magazine, “My mom’s a yoga instructor but she does social work as well, and she works specifically with the geriatric community…For me to watch this level of life-long sensitivity to nurturing and caregiving, but at the same time my mom has always been a free spirit. She’s got dread locks and a nose ring. She just ran the LA Marathon. We can just have so much fun together, and yet, I’ll still find so much solace in her support. That duality coexists the same way it would in a best friend.”

Indeed, Meghan thinks of her mom like a friend and workout buddy as they’ve frequently been spotted giggling on the way to yoga class together in Toronto, while Doria is often seen hiking and walking her dogs.

With such a busy career and personal life, Meghan is grounded by her mom and relies on Doria for advice and support. She told Vanity Fair that even after her parents’ divorce that her family was still, “so close knit.”

Meghan and her Doria are two peas in a pod as evidenced by the photographs that emerged of Doria, Prince Harry and Meghan having fun together at the closing ceremonies of the Invictus Games in Toronto. According to US Weekly Doria was quickly charmed by the prince and his flirty and fun disposition. A source told the magazine, “She was bowled over by how to down-to-earth and humble he is.”

Clearly, Prince Harry adores Meghan and her mom. And undoubtedly, she will be honored on Mother’s Day by both the prince and his wife-to-be.

Meghan Markle’s former blog, The Tig, reported on a few items that would make great Mother’s Day gifts. We have some of the exact items and a few copycats.

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