Royal feud reports have largely dominated headlines in the past month or so as the duchesses have been rumored to have a frosty and bitter rivalry erupting from differences in everything from clothes to conflicting personalities. While these sisters-in-law have shown no outward signs of discord, the media continues to claim that the women are at war. What is the truth with the constant alleged fighting and feuding behind closed doors? We may never know the truth but one thing is certain: Meghan and Kate’s style choices reflect their level of confidence, comfort and closeness.

Here are 6 Things Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Style Choices Reveal about their Relationship:

  1. Meghan Admires Kate
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While reports suggest that Meghan and Kate can’t see eye-to-eye on a variety of issues, Meghan appears to be very fond of Kate and often dresses in demure and retro styles to look classic and sophisticated just like the royal veteran. Case in point: her conservative long sleeve wedding dress sans frills and lace as well as her Trooping the Colour pale pink Carolina Herrera skirt suit.


2. Kate and Meghan are in a Bonding Phase

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Wimbledon was the perfect place for Meghan and Kate to showcase their unique style sensibilities with casual clothing choices. Duchess Kate opted for polka dots indicating that her look was ‘playful’ and approachable–perhaps a sartorial statement made in an effort to bond even more with her co-castle dweller. Meghan opted for a Ralph Lauren striped shirt (which seems an ode to a look from Kate’s closet) with flared white pants. According to fashion psychologists, stripes are indicative of someone who is decisive, with excellent planning skills and someone who is strategic about their lifestyle. No doubt Meghan is intent on making a good impression and hoping to build a very strong and solid relationship with the Cambridge matriarch.


3. Meghan is Taking Style Notes from Kate and Vice Versa

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As time goes on, Kate and Meghan may become close confidantes as they share the intense pressure and media scrutiny of royal life. While Meghan’s style is different than Kate’s in many ways–the Duchess of Sussex is likely following Kate’s lead with some of her style choices and indicating she’s up for the challenges of duchess duty.


4. Kate and Meghan Share the Same Vision

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The Duchess of Cambridge has recently worn styles that seem reminiscent of Meghan’s modern and minimalist wardrobe choices. Kate even debuted a blazer and wide-legged pants in Cyprus which some media outlets said was “channeling Meghan’s” pant suit style.


5. Kate and Meghan are In Sync


Kate and Meghan both have a lot in common; they’re educated, athletic and passionate about helping others not to mention they’re both married to a prince. With time, the duchesses will likely realize how much their lifestyles are alike and mastering motherhood together will make it all the more likely that this duchess duo will develop a flourishing friendship.


6. Meghan and Kate are Style Soul Mates

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Kate and Meghan both stepped out in London in late November for different solo engagements wearing strikingly similar burgundy on black styles. While it’s possibly the matchy-matchy moment was merely a coincidence, many felt the two royals coordinated their outfits to share a sweet and symbolic twinning moment to diffuse any rift rumors and solidify their solidarity.