Meghan Markle has been photographed on various royal engagements throughout her pregnancy and though Baby Sussex was mostly bumping along in the background–the next tiny royal just couldn’t help themselves and had to have a little time in the spotlight. Indeed, Meghan and Harry’s future mini-me couldn’t resist giving mom a good hearty kick from time to time. While this is a sign of a normal fetal movement and often occurs at night, it seems the Sussex babe couldn’t wait until evening for a womb wallop or wiggle.

Here are 4 Times Duchess Meghan Markle Felt Baby Sussex Kick:

  1. Fashion Awards Flips

Meghan made a surprise appearance at the British Fashion awards to offer her wedding dress designer Clare Waight Keller an award. While Keller accepted her esteemed honor, Meghan could be seen behind the designer on stage with Rosamund Pike. At one point during Keller’s acceptance speech, the duchess was videoed cupping her baby bump with two hands and for a split second she even closed her eyes and took a deep breath (likely in response to a nervous nudge by Baby Sussex).

Via DailyMail/British Fashion Awards/Getty

2. Morocco Movement

Meghan’s little girl or guy will be ready for a polo match with dad right away judging by the gestational gymnastics the duchess experienced while seated with her husband at a ceremony in the town of Asni during the Royal Tour Morocco. In the video on the DailyMail, Meghan’s upper stomach can be seen protruding in and out and the duchess herself is spotted looking down as the baby plays drum with her tum.

Via DailyMail/Press Association

3. Bump Thump in Bristol

An Instagram user posted a video of the duchess in Bristol with Prince Harry seemingly taking a moment to catch her breath as her precocious little peanut engaged in some stomach thuds and thumps. Comments on the post said that Meghan likely was feeling a little bit winded after the babe was pushing up against her lungs.

4. Mama Drama

At the National Theatre Meghan Markle looked beautiful in Blush Brandon Maxwell and her pregnancy glow was captivating. Another thing that seized the attention of onlookers? Her busy baby bump! Yes, little Sussex decided to have a bit of a royal riot in mommy’s belly during her engagement and it was all caught on video.