Meghan ‘Mummy Mania’ is in full swing. People all over the globe are anticipating the arrival of Harry and Meghan’s little prince or princess and while bookies are taking bets on gender, weight and names, there’s one pressing concern for all those involved in welcoming Harry and Meghan’s bundle of joy into the world. What day will the Sussex baby make its debut? The newest castle (OK, cottage) dweller’s arrival could potentially happen on the same day as another very important date on the royal calendar.

Here are 6 Important Dates for the Royal Family on Which Baby Sussex Might Arrive:

  1.  Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday

Yes, H&M’s tiny tyke could share birthday cake with his or her great-grandmother on April 21st. The monarch will turn 93-years-old this year.

David Fisher/Shutterstock

2. Prince Louis’ Birthday

April showers bring may flowers as well as royal babies! Meghan and Harry’s newest addition could share its birthday with the youngest Cambridge cutie on April 23rd.

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3. Easter

There’s a high likelihood that the Sussex scion could be blowing out birthday cake candles on the same day as the Easter bunny makes its rounds on April 21st (also falling on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday this year). The holiday weekend is an important time for the royal family with the entire group typically attending church service at St. George’s Chapel on Easter Sunday.


4. Princess Charlotte’s Birthday

While it’s unlikely that the newest Sussex will be a May baby, it’s still a possibility. If so, the little one could share a celebration with their older cousin, Princess Charlotte on May 2nd.


5.  William and Kate’s Anniversary

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married at Westminster Abbey on April 29th 2011, so there’s a real possibility that Harry and Meghan’s little one could be born on the date their aunt and uncle said ‘I do.’


6. Jack Brooksbank’s Birthday

Princess Eugenie recently wed Jack Brooksbank in a beautiful ceremony on October 12th 2018 at Windsor Castle. Eugenie’s husband’s birthday falls on May 3rd which could be the date the Sussex celebrate their baby’s arrival into the world.

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