While the Duchess of Sussex seems to have mastered life as a wife and mom, there’s still all that etiquette that must be followed in order to occupy the royal ranks. The former actress has had no problem with much of her new lifestyle and hasn’t become a slave to pesky protocols. Still, Meghan has had to master the often difficult and highly intimidating curtsy. And while it’s been just a few years since Meghan joined the royal family, the popular princess now has a flawless dip.

Let’s take a look at 8 of Meghan Markle’s Best Curtsy Moments:

  1. Eugenie’s Wedding

The determined duchess looked confident as she made the curtsy gesture before the Queen following Princess Eugenie’s nuptials. Standing near Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Wessex as well as next to Harry who bowed his head, the mom-to-be (at the time) even closed her eyes a bit during the moment of reverence.

Andew Parsons/I-images

2. Meghan and Harry’s Wedding Day

While some social media fans believed Harry and Meghan skipped the traditional curtsy to the Queen on their big day–the couple did indeed pay their respect to the monarch. The Royal Family released a clip of the congregation standing as the newly-married Duke and Duchess of Sussex re-entered the Quire for the national anthem. Meghan’s dress had gotten momentarily caught in the door before the couple made their way inside the church together. Harry bows his head and Meghan quickly makes a proper curtsy as evidenced by video of the ceremony.


3. Trooping the Colour

Duchess Meghan demonstrated she’s got all the right royal moves as she curtsied to the Queen twice during the Trooping the Colour ceremony. Indeed, on the balcony Harry helped Meghan know the appropriate time for the delicate drop while the pair also bowed and curtsied to the Queen as she arrived at the Horse Guards Parade during the National Anthem.


4. On Tour in Tonga

While Meghan is often captured curtsying for the reigning British monarch, she’s also been snapped curtsying on tour overseas. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with Tonga’s King Tupou VI and his wife Queen Nanasipau’u and Meghan proceeded to follow protocol and give a swift dip to honor the royal pair.


5. Commonwealth Day

Despite being heavily pregnant, the Duchess of Sussex pulled off an impeccable curtsy as the Queen (dressed in purple) entered Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day Service. Meghan’s flawless dip was obvious as she was captured in a bowing pose behind Prince Charles on the services televised by the BBC.


6. First Christmas

Who could forget Meghan’s first Christmas with the royal family where she looked super chic in shades of camel? Archie’s mom mastered the art of the curtsy without so much as wobble or wiggle out of place–curtsy challenge accepted.

Credit: Tim Rooke/Rex/Shutterstock

7. Morocco Meeting

The Duchess greeted the King of Morocco with a powerful and precise drop that led some media outlets to exclaim that the duchess had delivered the ‘perfect curtsy.’ The full video of the formal curtsy and greeting is available on social media.


8. Second Christmas

Meghan’s second Christmas with the royal family was just as successful as the first. The duchess delivered a dynamite curtsy in the presence of Queen Elizabeth and she looked to pay homage to Her Majesty with great skill and solemness. Though the moment looked to be a quiet and thoughtful time–the duchess had to complete the drop within split seconds and thus, curtsying is clearly no easy feat!

Via Inside Edition