She may be a busy mom with three young children but that doesn’t prevent the Princess of Wales from staying in great shape. With an enviable tall frame and muscular physique — the princess always looks fit and fabulous.

Here are 15 Fitness and Diet Secrets Kate Middleton Uses to Stay in Shape:

  1. Dedicate an Hour a Day

According to sources, the Wales matriarch dedicates an hour a day to her fitness regimen which often includes running, planks, lunges and crunches.



2. Smoothies for Breakfast

The princess relies on smoothies for a quick nutritious breakfast and often blends berries, spinach, matcha and kale into her morning drinks.



3. Wine Not

According to sources, Kate enjoys one glass of chardonnay around 6pm to unwind. This ritual make the princess feel like she’s indulged but hasn’t gone overboard with a daily nightcap.



4. Seasonal Salads

The princess adores seasonal fruit and gourmet salads and is especially partial to watermelon salads with feta, onions and cucumber. She also can’t resist marinated fish and loves a fresh bowl of ceviche.

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5. Skip Takeout and Processed Food

Rather than rely on takeout on repeat, the princess often cooks for her family. A palace chef told Racked Magazine that Kate herself make a lot of homemade meals rather than relying on staff.

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6. Practice those Planks

Reportedly the princess holds planks for more than 45 seconds at a time and does the move throughout the day to tighten her abs and support her back. She’s also a fan of rugby, plays field hockey and even loves diving.

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7.  Healthy Competition

As a competitive college athlete, the princess was often spotted taking part in intense workouts alongside fellow student teammates — thus, it’s no surprise she loves the challenge and intensity of CrossFit workouts, tennis matches and other competitive sports.

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8. Sweet Treats Sparingly

At the local pub the Princess of Wales and her husband Prince William will indulge in some sticky toffee pudding — the royal became a fan when she first tasted the dessert at the Old Boot Inn in Berkshire (not far from her parents home).

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9. Don’t Rely Solely on Caffeine for Energy

With the crashes from caffeine and the jitters from brewed coffee, the princess sometimes shuns regular coffee. While pregnant with Prince George, the royal reportedly ordered a skinny decaf latte from the local Starbucks.

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10. Fresh Heir

The Princess of Wales stays in shape with hobbies like gardening, hiking and even rock climbing. She has been spotted mountain biking, practicing archery and sailing on royal duty.

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11. Tea Timeouts

The British beauty does have tea with a bit of milk and likely enjoyed an afternoon tea session with the Queen on occasion. A daily ritual for Queen Elizabeth — Kate surely sipped the sovereign’s favorites Assam and Earl Grey.

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12. Caffeinate When Necessary

Reportedly rumored to have Starbucks loyalty reward card in her pre-married life — the princess was spotted in her early twenties frequently stopping by Starbucks for a brew.

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13. Classic Dinner Recipes are On the Menu

The princess is fan of cooking roast chicken, curry, soups and other healthy dishes for her family. She’s also fond of raw fish dishes and frequently snacks on popcorn and vegetables.


14. Family & Fitness Time

Being a princess sometimes requires superhuman strength and squeezing in fitness even in mom mode. To keep herself fit, the Wales mum turns to interval training, Swiss ball workouts, running and plyometric moves like squats and lunges. Kate also enjoys going to the beach with her family and taking long hikes.


15. Walks Do Wonders

For lighter training days, the princess loves long workouts in the countryside or runs with her dog Orla.