For Mother’s Day, the Princess of Wales generously offered the public the equivalent of a ‘digital wellness check.’ As many have been concerned about her condition following a major operation in January, the kind and gracious mom of three gave the masses a sentimental and special peek into her cherished home life. This Wonder Woman of Windsor took time from her grueling surgical recovery — to offer a view of her life off the Crown clock and to reveal an intimate family moment. She exposed her darling and delightful children to the world. She revealed a glimpse of her cottage garden and her current appearance.

A paragon of princess-ing, this dedicated disciple of the monarchy machine was broadcasting a message to doubters, trolls and internet conspiracy theorists that she was alive and well and her recovery was going smoothly. She hasn’t had a Brazilian bum enhancement or gone off on some extended lovers holiday with Pete Davidson.

Was there a bit of digital dressing up or minor tech tinkering? Making a sleeve shorter or hair neater? Perhaps. Polishing and perfecting a brood is a mother’s mainstay. She was merely doing her job as matriarch of the family. Making a family photo more appealing, more appeasing, more aesthetically inviting. Some minor photo editing  doesn’t warrant hateful or judgmental articles in mass or endless sniping commentary and criticism.

In this time of tech, pictures are filtered. Every celebrity and influencer banishes their blemishes, conceals their cellulite and erases their varicose veins. They make legs longer, noses smaller and skin smoother. Unedited and unfiltered pictures hardly exist.

A small tech tidy up is not a crime. Yet, the conspiracy chorus and the social media mob want to say otherwise.

For a woman who has played the royal game with grace and glamour, poise and pluckiness, graft and goodwill — the amount of articles aimed at making a small photo touchup into a scandal is disturbing.

The backlash has been big. The controversy has plunged the media into a frenzied and feverish rabbit hole. From calls for more trust and transparency from the palace to dire warnings that the House of Windsor is on the verge of collapse.

Where is the compassion for the princess?

Kate has been a royal rockstar and weathered criticism of her immediate family,  intrusive paparazzi photos and terrible insults and unflattering nicknames.

This is a woman who can wear a pair of Rossis and rugby cleats in the same hour. A woman who can make monotonous small talk with elder statesmen and gossipy grandmas. A woman who can play piano ballads and speak sign language. A woman who can roast s’mores with scouts and stun in a sequin gown. A woman who has offered the monarchy the magic and mystique it needs to stay the course.

To Kate — We Salute You. We Celebrate You. We Appreciate You.