The Princess of Wales has many priceless gems and jewels occupying her ever-growing stockpile of stones. Still, her treasure chest of family heirlooms, inherited baubles and priceless rocks is not without some heavy hitters. In fact, a few of the princess’ jewelry pieces could cover the cost of a castle or two. 

Here are 5 of Kate Middleton’s Most Valuable Jewels:

  1. King Charles’ Wedding Gift

While perhaps not her most expensive jewelry, this gift has major sentimental value to Princess Kate. The newlywed princess received a three piece jewelry gift from King Charles when she married Prince William in April 2011. The custom designed one-of-a-kind parure consists of a ring, bracelet and drop earrings made of white gold. The luxurious set is designed in an Art Deco style and includes a pair of earrings with a round floral motif. Reportedly the earrings cost somewhere around $19,000 with the diamond bracelet priced around $57,000. The princess wore the bracelet on the BAFTA red carpet in Los Angeles clad in a grecian Alexander McQueen lilac chiffon gown.

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2. Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace

A piece designed by French-luxury fashion label Cartier in 1930, this stunning bib necklace features an astounding 38 brilliant open cut diamonds, 13 emerald cut diamonds and a hanging pear shaped diamond drop. Gifted to the late Queen Elizabeth II from the Nizam (ruler) of India’s Hyderabad State — the necklace appeared on the late monarch for her first official portraits in 1952 as well as appeared on the sovereign on currency including bank notes. Princess Kate wore the necklace at a National Portrait Gallery gala in 2014 and a Diplomatic Reception in 2019. The necklace is valued at over 80 million dollars.

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3. Delhi Durbar Emerald Choker

A family heirloom, this striking emerald encrusted choker was originally a gift from the Maharani of Patiala to Queen Mary. Alternating sparkly diamonds and glittery green Cambridge emeralds comprise this enchanting Art Deco piece. Princess Kate’s Mother-in-Law the late Lady Diana wore the collared necklace as a bandeau headpiece for a dance in Melbourne, Australia while touring the region with then Prince Charles in 1985 (the piece reportedly did not slide down to Di’s neck thus making it more practical to wear as a headband). Designed by Crown Jeweler Garrard, the accessory is comprised of 14 cabochon emeralds (formerly 16) set in platinum. Kate wore the choker valued at 20 million in Boston for the Earthshot Prize Awards in December 2022.

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4. Greville Festoon Necklace

Designed by Garrard and Company, this triple strand necklace is constructed with 105 loose collets from the Queen’s collection. The late monarch wore the necklace often throughout her reign and frequently paired the diamond necklace with the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara or Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara. She often donned the piece for state visits, meeting with presidents and trips to the White House. The Princess of Wales recently wore the necklace (last seen on the Queen for the Netherlands State Banquet in 2018) for the Coronation of King Charles in May 2023. The value of the Festoon necklace is estimated at around 2.5 million dollars.


5. Emerald Tassel Suite

Attending a state dinner hosted by the Governor General of Jamaica, Princess Kate wowed in a fluffy tulle green ballgown befitting a Disney princess. While Kate’s glamorous green gown made royal watchers swoon, her earrings and bracelet caused equal fanfare. Featuring pear shaped emeralds set in yellow gold, the knot drop earrings and bracelet are comprised of rows of dangling round brilliant diamonds. While Kate showed off only two of the four pieces defining the parure (the suite also includes a ring and necklace), estimates put the value of the complete set just over 1 million dollars.

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