Will the Princess of Wales Attend this Year’s Trooping the Color?

There have been conflicting reports regarding Princess Kate’s attendance at the Trooping the Colour Parade in London on June 15th, 2024. Despite hopes that the princess might be well enough to join the royal family to celebrate the faux birthday of King Charles (his actual birthday falls on November 14th) in two weeks, the palace has issued a statement that the princess will miss rehearsals for the Sovereign’s Birthday Parade. The princess will not participate in the Colonel’s Review, the traditional rehearsal for Trooping the Colour which is held on June 8th this year. 

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Yet, many royal watchers are hoping the princess might make a “cameo” on parade day with a balcony appearance as she’s done nearly every summer since 2011. It’s also unconfirmed but unlikely that she will ride in the traditional carriage procession. 

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The princess is currently undergoing cancer treatment but has been somewhat present in her children’s academic activities; she’s reportedly done the school run but not attended any sporting matches or school events. Other sources have claimed the princess has been spotted venturing out near her home while doing solo errands.

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While Kate continues to recover, royal reporter Katie Nicholl issued an encouraging update on the princess on May 28th. The Vanity Fair columnist claims that Kate’s medicine is agreeing with her and that she’s “turned a corner” in her journey back to full health. According to Nicholl’s sources, Kate is tolerating her current therapeutics regimen and is regaining her strength. Still, those close to the princess stress that she has prioritized her health and is in no rush to return to work — accordingly no “timetable” is in place for her comeback. The princess is following the guidance of her medical team and is focusing on regaining her energy and vitality.

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As courses of preventative chemotherapy can make the immune system vulnerable, it’s prudent for the princess to recover privately. Other side effects of treatment include  fatigue, nausea and insomnia, thus, making it difficult to resume a routine and take on the rigors of work.

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Despite reports that Kate may not return to royal duties (or appear in public) until 2025, many royal fans are hopeful she will make a video call, release a social media message or perhaps even join the royals for an appearance on the balcony at the site of the Horse Guards Parade. Even though she’s missing final Trooping dress rehearsals, the Mirror and other outlets claim the princess might be considering an appearance during the ceremonial event.

The royal watching community are hoping to see the princess take part in the celebration in some capacity. Some have even speculated the mom of three is planning a “surprise” appearance if she’s feeling well enough on event day.

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