Dressing for a splashy royal wedding involves months of planning and lots of dress fittings, coat evaluations and accessory choices. But one of the most important decisions revolves around the wedding hat. Even if you’re just a guest and not involved in the wedding party, it’s customary to wear floral fascinators, veiled headpieces and cloche hats made of organza and silk. There are also classic hats with feathers and pillbox Jackie-o style headpieces.

For Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, there will likely be an assortment of hat styles from the demure and plain to the over-the-top and flashy. Larger than life hats are considered appropriate and customary for a royal wedding.

Why are these Easter hats and Derby styles a traditional part of a formal British affair? Part of a high society wedding typically involves wearing the finest milliner pieces. Unlike America, where there is an emphasis on shoes, jewelry and handbags, Brits are known to wear colorful and exuberant hats as a part of the social and cultural traditions. Since women rarely showed their hair until the 1950s, it’s considered a must for formal wear.

Since the royal family is very traditional, hats are still concerned an important part of a special occasion.

What will the Duchess of Cambridge wear as a hat to Prince Harry and Meghan’s May 19th wedding at Windsor Castle? If the past is any indication, the Duchess of Cambrdige will likely wear a style similar to the one she wore to sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding–a Jane Taylor hat in a soft pastel pink shade that matched her dress. The bespoke creation included a center rose flower and a swirl detail.

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