Philippa Craddock has been chosen as Harry and Meghan’s florist for their big wedding day in May. Promising couples a whimsical and fantasy floral scheme, Craddock, a self-taught high-fashion floral designer specializes in “secret gardens” and “botanical romance.”

Image Via Philippa Craddock Instagram

Megan, a longtime lover of fresh flowers with a special affinity for peonies has enlisted Craddock to create imaginative and decadent floral displays at St. George’s Chapel and Buckingham Palace. Craddock has even enlisted the palace staff to help carry out the task of floral decoration. In fact, it was the Queen who met with Markle in February who volunteered the royal staff for help in the wedding production.

Floral Preparataions/Philippa Craddock Twitter

Markle’s vision remains focused on springtime blossoms with lots of foxgloves, peonies and white garden roses. And she’s in the driver’s seat as far as designing the bridal bouquets which will likely be filled with her favorite flower colors–which judging by her Instagram are soft pink and delicate white peony blossoms with an occasional splash of fuchsia for good measure.

Meghan Markle Instagram //Markle’s Family Affectionately Call Her by the Nickname ‘Flower’

Craddock, an eco-friendly and fair-trade florist, has worked for many fashion houses and created other-worldly floral displays including ceilings filled with roses as well as dressing up picture frames, fireplaces, cakes and stairwells with hundreds of big and beautiful blossoms. Dubbed a ‘British lifestyle florist’ — Craddock has been the only in-store florist for Selfridges, a high-end department store in the United Kingdom.

Image Via Philippa Craddock Facebook

Meghan and Harry plan to donate all the flowers to charity following their May nuptials.