Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will soon have a new baby cousin to look after! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first child together. After a whirlwind transatlantic courtship, a brief engagement and a splashy wedding, the two royal lovebirds are ready to welcome a bouncing bundle of joy into their love soaked union. While speculation that Meghan was expecting started soon after their May nuptials, many were incredulous that Harry and Meghan would have a baby so quickly. For one, they have a daunting royal tour this month and there were concerns about Zika virus in some of their tour destinations. But no matter, the Duke and Duchess are prioritizing family and will have a baby in the spring of next year.

Here are 7 Signs that a Royal Baby was on the Way that You Might Have Missed:

1. Friendship Flight

Sometime in late August it was reported that Duchess Meghan made a secret trip to Toronto for three days to visit pal Jessica Mulroney. While rumors claimed that Meghan drank champagne on the Air Canada flight, some outlets noted that she sipped pregnancy-friendly peppermint tea (perhaps to quell a bout of morning sickness?). The trip may have been a chance for Meghan to let her BFF know her good news–plus, there are rumors that Jessica Mulroney is starting a children’s clothing line and the timing would be perfect for the two to discuss baby fashions. In addition, Meghan may have sought advice on motherhood from the Canadian mom of three.


2. That Glow

Many people claim they noticed Meghan’s pregnancy right away–from a fuller face to less smooth hair (a result of halting chemical relaxing treatments). Royal watchers also noticed Meghan was in high spirits at recent engagements and had a pregnancy glow that was undeniable.

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3. A Princely Protector

In recent weeks, Prince Harry has seemed ultra protective of Meghan and was even fist pumping and high fiving on a recent engagement. The dad-to-be is likely thrilled with his pending parenthood and wants to be as protective and attentive to Meghan as possible.

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4. A Doggone Good Time

In Sussex, Harry and Meghan received a drawing inspired by their dog, a girl rumored to be named Oz. While the couple seemed to enjoy keeping their pup’s name a secret–perhaps adopting a new addition to the family was a warmup for the next newcomer. Harry and Meghan may have wanted to spend time with the dog and train the pup to be ready for interacting with babies before bringing a little one into the nest.


5. The Cookbook Look

The Duchess of Sussex worked on her charity cookbook project for six months so it’s impossible to know when she was snapped in the kitchen preparing and testing meals but it doesn’t seem a stretch to imagine that the project felt especially meaningful during the early stages of her pregnancy. It’s possible that Meghan’s nesting phase had started and the ‘joy of cooking‘ felt especially exciting and inspiring.

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6. Curves Ahead

Many people noticed Meghan’s fashion choices seemed to change the last few months. In fact, the Duchess seemed to have developed a love affair with ruffles, pleats and oversized belts. Plus, she became keen on having a clutch in front of her stomach (goodbye crossbody bags) and was seen looking slightly curvier and fuller figured at a music gala in London.

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7. Masterclass in Motherhood

Who better to have around when you’ve got morning sickness, cravings and feel exhausted than your own mom? Meghan’s mom visited her daughter and Harry for her cookbook launch and it caught many by surprise that Doria was in London to accompany her daughter. It’s obvious now that Meghan likely wanted her own mom in town for support during the early days of her pregnancy not to mention it’s much more fun to eat ice cream and pickles with close family than by yourself!

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