Known for her ultra-trendy and modern clothing from shirt dresses to tuxedo pant suits, the Duchess of Sussex has put a new style stamp on the monarchy. And perhaps one of Meghan’s most interesting style maneuvers is the way she expresses herself through her jewelry. While largely unnoticed as a messenger of Meghan’s emotions and her hopes and desires–the jewelry collection of the duchess speaks volumes. From Diana’s precious butterfly baubles to negative shielding shell necklaces and even birthstone stacking rings, here are the hidden the messages in Meghan Markle’s jewelry collection.

  1. Butterfly Earrings
Samir Hussein/Wireimage

On the first day of the royal tour Australia, Meghan made a rather bold statement with her jewelry. The duchess wore not one but two pieces of Diana’s heirlooms for her big royal wife debut. On day one in Sydney, Meghan opted for Diana’s cuff bracelet and her gold pave butterfly earrings–reportedly a gift from Prince Harry in honor of Meghan’s pregnancy. Butterflies are also very symbolic. In fact, around the world cultures view this flying insect as a creature representing endurance, change, hope and life. The butterfly is a symbol of lightness and brings elevation from the heaviness of tensions and strife. The butterfly can indicate a transformation, fresh start and a celebration–a very fitting gift for a mom-to-be. Give a butterfly earring set.

2. Clover Necklace


The pretty and petite clover necklace by Vanessa Tugendhaft was first worn by Meghan in April of 2018. The charm necklace from the jeweler’s  Precious collection is undoubtedly a beautiful piece for any accessory addict. Still, Meghan’s 18 karat gold clover charm necklace likely had relevance and meaning beyond its surface beauty. The clover has a special meaning in folk traditions with each leaf being symbolic. The  first leaf represents hope, the second leaf represents faith, the third is for love and the last leaf is symbolic of luck. No doubt Meghan was wearing the necklace to draw energies of good fortune and long lasting love with her prince. Shop a similar clover necklace style.

3. Citrine Earrings


The Duchess of Sussex wore the Birks Citrine and Diamond drop earrings made of yellow gold to a garden party in Dublin. She also donned the shiny sparklers for a walkabout in New Zealand with Prince Harry. Citrine is more than just a pretty stone–it allegedly combats negativity and brings good fortune to the wearer. In fact, it’s called the “success stone” because it imparts good luck and prosperity with its cheery yellow hue. The stone is said to bring positivity and eliminate negative energy. In addition, the stone can help resolve family issues and clashes and lead to the restoration of broken relationships. Mimic Meghan in an affordable pair of Citrine earrings.

4. Aquamarine Necklace

Samir Hussein/Getty

The duchess filled her tour jewelry wardrobe with shoutouts to her future child with Prince Harry. No doubt the Pippa Small Aquamarine Collette Pendant Cord Necklace had special meaning for the mom-to-be. Not only does the chain hold three stones (likely symbolizing Meghan, Harry and the Sussex baby) but the aqua gem was once considered a talisman for good luck, fearlessness and protection. By reconnecting the wearer to earth’s life giving water element, aquamarine helps to remove emotional toxicity and encourage feelings of inner peace. Find a similar multi-stone necklace.

5. Moonstone Bracelet

The Duchess of Sussex opted for a Tai Jewelry moonstone open cuff on one of her first royal engagements with Prince Harry. The delicate brass-plated cuff features a thin band with faceted stone caps. Reportedly moonstone controls stress and eliminates negativity while supporting healing, creativity and intelligence. Beneath the mysterious veil of its milky appearance–the gemstone is reportedly helpful for calming the mind, supporting meditation and increasing serenity. No doubt Meghan loves wearing the bracelet to help enhance her yoga sessions and behoove her meditation practice.

6. Onyx Necklace


One item Meghan wore on repeat during the royal tour and to a recent Coach Core engagement was her Pascale Monvoisin Cauri black shell necklace. The pendant shell necklace features glossy onyx and is inlaid with a small diamond. Why would Duchess Meghan keep this necklace as a style staple? Reportedly onyx is a powerful protection stone and transforms negative energy into positive and prevents the drain of personal energy. Black onyx helps preserve physical strength and stamina–likely helpful during a long and arduous royal tour. Plus, onyx provides special support during times of grief, stress and confusion. Shop a stress-relieving onyx necklace.

7. Multi-Colored Rings

Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

For the Invictus Games Sydney Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge on October 20th 2018, the duchess selected a trio of colorful gold Ecksand bands. The delicate  was a mix of emerald, diamond and sapphire stones. A few days later in Tonga, Meghan wore only the sapphire and diamond ones. The emerald stone likely represents Harry and Meghan’s wedding month of May (emerald is the birthstone of the month of May) while the diamond is the birthstone of April (the baby’s rumored due date) and sapphire of September (Harry’s birth month). Thus, in Tonga, Meghan was likely symbolically noting Harry and their future baby or babies. Find a pair of stackable rings perfect for gifting.