Here at Dress like a Duchess, we make it our job to be style sleuths, royal reporters and duchess detectives and we recently came up with a theory that Meghan Markle could’ve revealed her due date through a single sartorial statement. While it’s just a theory, it’s always fun to guess when we can expect the next royal baby’s arrival into the world!

While there have been many conflicting reports about Meghan’s due date–recent speculation is ramping up that Meghan could indeed have a May baby. While she was likely 12 weeks pregnant on October 12th at Eugenie’s 2018 wedding when she and Harry announced they were expecting (just prior to the royal tour Oceania), this would put the duchess at around 280 days pregnant today. (Average gestation being 280).

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Still, we couldn’t help but wonder if Meghan could’ve announced her pregnancy a little earlier than 12-weeks in order to be cautious and conservative about her engagements during the tour and to protect any hard feelings in case she had morning sickness or other issues (more common in early pregnancy). Nausea can be especially difficult around 8 weeks.

While the Queen has reportedly only cleared her calendar until May 3rd, Prince Charles and Camilla won’t be leaving for their royal tour until May 7th. Thus, it’s possible Meghan could still deliver in early May.

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While Meghan told well-wishers on a walkabout in Birkenhead that she’s due in late April and was infamously seen wearing those Ecksand rings — including a diamond to represent an April birthstone, it’s still possible the Sussex babe could be born in the month of May. Also, if Meghan’s pregnancy runs a bit longer than expected (common with first time moms), she could give birth sometime later than predicted.

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Interestingly George Clooney also offered a clue that the little one could be due in May–making the littlest member of the Sussex squad a Taurus. Harry, in particular, has not seemed to be concerned with staying super close to home as of late April; the red headed royal recently attended both Easter and Anzac day services.

So, what style statement did Meghan make that could indicate her impending due date? The t-shirt she wore with Prince Harry to an apothecary! Yes, that’s right–Meghan’s casual Sixteen Candles tee reveals a whole lot more than a love of John Hughes films and a fondness for the rat pack. When did Sixteen Candles premiere at the box office? Drumroll…May 4th! Thus, the duchess could’ve sneakily revealed her baby’s birthday with her fun 80s t-shirt. We will have to wait and see!

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