Rumor has it that women in the royal family are often gifted ‘push presents’ following the birth of their babies. In some circles, push presents are a very popular tradition celebrating the birth of a child and also the mother for the pregnancy process and labor. While Duchess Kate was reportedly gifted tourmaline, amethyst and diamond earrings after the arrival of Princes Charlotte, other rumored post-pregnancy presents seem unlikely as in the citrine ring she wore recently to Wimbledon that appears to have been in her jewelry box for over a decade. Still, it’s likely Kate did receive some sort of gift after the birth of her children from Prince William and it’s also more than likely that Meghan will receive a totem of appreciation from her husband.


Here are 3 Push Presents that Would be Perfect for Prince Harry to Give to Meghan Markle:

  1. Diana’s Diamonds

Since the Sussex baby will most likely make its debut in April, the birthstone of the baby will be a diamond, thus, it’s possible Prince Harry could gift his wife and the mother of his newborn child with a diamond piece from his late mother’s private collection. Since Harry gave Meghan a beautiful aquamarine ring to celebrate their wedding, he’s likely to repeat the romantic gesture and offer his wife a dazzling and priceless push present.

2. Tusk Token

Harry could elect to give Meghan multiple gifts including a few treasures and trinkets for the new baby. A sweet gift idea might include a necklace from Meghan approved jeweler Jennifer Meyer. Since Harry and Meghan are very passionate about elephant conservation and even considering a move to Africa, it would only be fitting to gift a little girl with an 18k gold elephant necklace punctuated with lots of little diamonds.


3. Gucci Galore

While more than likely Harry will gift Meghan with something sparkly after the baby arrives, he could also opt to give his beloved and new little one a sleepsuit from one of Meghan’s favorite brands. Since Meghan stepped out in Gucci for one of her final appearances before maternity leave–this sweet gift idea seems like it could be a hit. Plus, the neutral baby outfit works perfectly for little prince or princess!


Other push present gift ideas for Meghan