The Duchess of Sussex has given birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy and no doubt she will revel in the days of motherhood ahead. And while the world eagerly awaited little Archie Harrison’s debut–Meghan was likely still becoming accustomed to all the challenges associated with growing into her new role. While every new mom is anxious to “feel normal” again after a long 9 months and challenging labor, no doubt the duchess will enlist her old standbys to resume regular life and her normal healthy routine.

Here we speculate on 7 Things in Meghan Markle’s Postpartum Wellness Plan:

  1. Wine Not

While the duchess likely had to give up her favorite after hours adult beverage for the last year, it’s almost certain Meghan will resume her habit of relaxing with a glass of vino in the evenings. After all, her famous blog the Tig was named after Tignanello wines.

2. Bend or Break

Meghan will not have to travel far to go to yoga now that she and Harry are established in their Frogmore Cottage home. Meghan’s in-house studio reportedly comes equipped with a floating sprung floor for stretching or long sessions of zen-ification.

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3. Garden State

Now that she and Harry are building a vegetable garden on their property–it’s guaranteed Meghan will want to feast on organic and fresh fare. Plus, Meghan loves green juice, healthy smoothies and plenty of acai bowls. The newest royal baby will likely be a very healthy chap!

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4. Seas the Day

Now that Meghan’s given birth she can resume her love affair with fresh fish, sushi and sashimi. The duchess has always been partial to seafood and even posted a picture enjoying a lunch with Jessica Mulroney at a sushi restaurant.

5. Meditation Mom-ent

As a new mom, Meghan will likely rely on meditation to stay calm and centered in adjusting to parenthood. No doubt she and Harry will keep up their favorite practice of meditating daily.

6. Caffeine Queen

While Meghan and Harry were in Birkenhead, the duchess was offered a cup of coffee from a local cafe, but politely declined, saying: “I can’t at the moment, sadly, but I can have a mint tea or something.” While Meghan swapped coffee for tea during pregnancy, she will likely resume drinking coffee now that Archie has arrived.

7. Great Outdoors

Meghan just like sister-in-law Kate will likely want to spend a great deal of time outdoors with the baby and Harry. No doubt the couple will enjoy lake walks, farmers market trips and private family excursions to parks and playgrounds.