In the summer of 2022, Delfina Blaquier gave a shoutout to SoCal star and bestie Meghan Markle. The daughter of a successful race car driver, the blonde Argentinian athlete and businesswoman called Meghan her ‘pwife’ in a gushing tribute on Instagram.

Now, we can see why these two 40-somethings have become fast friends and ‘ride or die’ polo pals.

Chris Jackson/Getty

Meghan has recently been on a swoon-worthy sartorial streak showing off a slew of designer fashions with interesting drapes, intriguing necklines and inspired silhouettes; it’s a hybrid of avant garde meets American Riviera Orchard. It’s Meghan’s vibe but with a hint of proud polo wife infused with carefree California. It’s minimalist, modern and monochrome. Most of all, it’s masterful. 

Meghan in a black ballgown/ARO

It started with a bang and a Cult Gaia Raylene dress in a stunning seamoss shade with textured floral patterns made from laser cutouts and lace embroidery. Meghan rocked the dress in the fall of 2023 at the Invictus Games closing ceremonies in Germany. 

Chris Jackson/Invictus Games

Then, there was that Greta Constantine Oseph gown in February 2024 for Invictus events in Vancouver. Despite the chilly temps, the gown was seriously hot — with a striking draped silhouette, folded neckline and mesmerizing crumpled bodice.

Next up, there was that mono greige set for an International Women’s Day panel in March of this year. Appearing in a ‘Husband’ shirt courtesy of Giuliva Heritage, the duchess was boardroom meets bedroom. She glided across the stage in Austin sauntering in the 100% silk separates handcrafted in a workshop in Rome.

Getty Images/Suzanne Cordiero

Now, we get glamour on the grass. Meghan appeared in a Heidi Merrick cut-out dress with a billowy bow at the back for a polo match in Florida. The look was Jackie O meets Palm Beach Princess.

Chris Baron Smith/X

Feeling on top of the world with two new Netflix programs in development, Meghan looked effervescent striding across the luxe lawn in her fawn colored heels and cutout cocktail dress. Adding a hint of beach Barbie to the colt contest, the duchess appeared ready to embrace a new style season. She simultaneously said goodbye to her eras of yore: the Ambitious Actress Era, the Hollywood Hopeful Era and the Royal Bride Era. Welcome to the PWife Era. Now, it’s time for a victory lap.