From frequent trips to London to an avid interest in British fashion brands, cultural trends and history, Meghan Markle seemed to be suited to life as a royal long before she even met Prince Harry. In fact, Markle regularly blogged and used social media to discuss and photograph her favorite London locales as well as weigh in on political news affecting the European Union. She seemingly even outfitted her Toronto townhouse with Union Jack pillows as well buying her puppies Union Flag sweaters. Indeed, Markle’s had a burgeoning British love affair for some time.

Here are 5 Instagram Posts that Prove Meghan Markle was Destined to be a Duchess:

 1. She Spent Tons of Time in London

Markle regularly took trips with friends as well as completed press junkets in the home of Big Ben and Trafalgar Square.


2. She Hated Saying Goodbye

Markle took  beautiful photographs around London’s famous historic spots including this cloudy day picture of ‘Man with Lion Statute’ near Buckingham Palace (her future home!).


3. She had an Affinity for British Traditions

Markle displayed a fondness for teatime and Eurographic Fine Art puzzles. She reportedly loves the same tea brand as Victoria Beckham, teapigs and enjoys their peppermint and licorice decaffeinated tea as well as Kusmi detox tea.


4. She Celebrated her Days in the UK

Markle seemed especially exuberant when on press days for her Suits television show in England.


5. She Favored European Designers

Markle loved fashion icons like Roland Mouret who was born in Lourdes, France and has worked as an artistic director in London.

Images Via Meghan Markle/Instagram