When the Princess of Wales returned to the world stage at the Trooping the Colour ceremony on June 15th in London — all eyes were on Kate and the King. Having both faced health challenges in recent months, it was a turning point for the princess to be in public and making a special appearance for the sake of ceremony and convention.

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Still, despite the media glare on William and Kate as well as Kate and King Charles, few were focused on perhaps one of the biggest bonds on the balcony — the relationship between Kate and Charlotte.

Both mother and daughter shared many special moments throughout the proceedings and while Louis may be three years younger than the 9-year-old princess, Kate was most protective of her only daughter. During the birthday celebration, the Wales matriarch was seen reassuring the pre-adolescent princess with a variety of calming and comforting gestures.

While the Princess of Wales was undoubtedly nervous about her soft return to royal duties and public life after a six month hiatus, she seemed most concerned with giving her mini-me daughter reassuring signals.

After standing at the doorway of Buckingham Palace and before riding in a state carriage with her family to Horse Guards Parade to watch the Royal Air Force flypast, Kate was in protective mom mode; she dampened any tension and nerves by straightening and smoothing Charlotte’s hair. Furthermore, as the Wales prepared to get into their carriage, Kate was once again seen giving Charlotte a guiding pat on the back. (While Prince Louis and Prince George were standing similarly close, Kate was most focused on directing Charlotte).

On the balcony, the princess was once again laser focused on Charlotte and making sure she seemed to be enjoying the festivities. Kate was spotted fixing Charlotte’s hair and keeping a watchful eye on her throughout the ceremony.

Kate and Charlotte have always shared a special mother-daughter bond and were pictured at a baby bank last year having fun assembling care packages together. 

The dynamic duo were also seen at Wimbledon in July 2023 sharing giggles in their sunglasses (black for Kate, pink for Charlotte). During the tennis tournament, the elder princess was seen sweetly giving Charlotte a soft touch on the chin as well as grooming her daughter’s blonde hair. 

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It’s been reported that Princess Kate calls her daughter by her nickname ‘Lottie’ rather than Charlotte (a term of endearment and shortened version of her full name). Interestingly, Lottie is the feminine form of Charles — Charlotte’s grandfather’s name. 

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