When commoner Kate Middleton said ‘I do’ to Prince William on April 29th, 2011, she was every inch the glossy and glamorous bride. With rosy cherub cheeks, luscious brown curls and a shiny white smile, the beautiful princess was completely captivating. Still, many were besotted not only with Kate’s beauty but also her gorgeous wedding gems.

On her wedding day, the princess donned the dazzling Cartier Halo Tiara (set with nearly 800 diamonds) on loan from the Queen, and a pair of diamond teardrop earrings. The princess looked magnificent walking down the aisle with her sparkling crown and diamond acorn drop earrings.

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While Princess Kate may have looked regal and resplendent for her vow exchange, the bride would later be doused in even more diamonds courtesy of a number of a special gifts. In fact, she would be given a plethora of extravagant jewels upon her marriage. 

Here are 8 Pieces of Jewelry Kate Middleton Received as a Wedding Gift:

1. Robinson Pelham Diamond Oak Leaf and Acorn Earrings

Carole and Michael Middleton commissioned the creation of these special earrings for Kate’s big day. The accessories have a diamond open teardrop design accented with a hanging glittery acorn. Woodland charms, and especially the acorn, have important symbolism for the Middleton family and is strongly associated with the oak trees of west Berkshire, where Kate’s parents have resided for over thirty years. These magical earrings feature stylized scrolling oak leaves designed to perfectly complement Kate’s wedding tiara. 


2. Round Diamond Baguette Cluster Earrings

Part of a stunning suite presented to Her Royal Highness as she rose from the rank of pleb to princess, these sparklers were reportedly a gift from King Charles. The earrings feature two diamond clusters linked by three horizontal rows of baguette diamonds. The princess debuted the earrings shortly after her wedding in the summer of 2011 in Ottawa, Canada where donned the sparklers with a purple Issa wrap dress accented with a maple leaf brooch. Later, in 2011 she again recycled the pair for her first solo engagement at Clarence House in an Amanda Wakeley gown designed with silver embellished straps. Plus, she’s also worn the earrings to special social functions like weddings and award ceremonies. 


3. Round Halo Cluster Diamond Bracelet

Thought to be part of the same suite as Kate’s halo diamond earrings, this bracelet is defined by repeating linked diamond and baguette shaped stones with a border of two rows of diamonds. Believed to be wedding present from King Charles, Kate has appeared in the bracelet by itself and paired with the coordinating earrings. She has worn the bracelet to the BAFTA Awards in a lilac McQueen gown in 2011 and on royal tour in 2014 while visiting Government House in Canberra. It’s believed the suite also may include a diamond ring.


4. Morganite Pendant Diamond Earrings 

These large statement earrings have been worn by Princess Kate on special occasions including for galas, royal birthday parties and the BAFTA Awards in 2017. Recently, Kate wore the oversized earrings for the wedding of Crown Prince Al Hussein. Though the pink drops remain unidentified, many believe the earrings were a wedding gift from the Jordanian royal family.


5. C Initial Charm Bracelet

This chain charm bracelet was spotted on the princess not long after her wedding day. A few months after her spring nuptials, the princess made her debut royal appearance at the Wimbledon tennis tournament wearing a Temperely London pleated white cocktail dress. She was spotted in the grandstands wearing her charming ruffled dress along with this yellow gold cable link bracelet featuring a snap clasp. The custom monogrammed piece has a capital C in cursive scroll on one side of the hanging disc pendant with a crown imprinted above it. The other side of the pendant has a capital C enclosed by a circle — Queen Camilla’s monogram.


6. Mouawad Ruby Necklace (Suite)

The princess has worn the Mouawad ruby fringe necklace so far on just a single occasion. At the Sun Military Awards in 2011, Kate donned the statement necklace and matching bracelet designed by luxury Lebanese jewelry house Mouawad which also sells art, bridal jewelry and watches. Since then, Kate has only worn the matching ruby drop earrings for Commonwealth Day in 2020. The long earrings are crafted from 2.52 carats of diamonds and 3.62 carats of rubies all set in 18k white gold. Kate is believed to have received the floral ruby set on the occasion of her wedding.


7. Diamond and Emerald Cut Earrings 

One of Princess Kate’s most dazzling sets of stones, these vivid green earrings and matching bracelet were first showcased three years after her historic royal wedding. Kate debuted the glossy green drops and bracelet at a St. Andrews Gala in New York City in December 2014. The chandelier style square cut emerald earrings and matching bracelet are believed to have been gifted to the princess possibly from another royal family in Europe or Asia. 


8. Welsh Gold Wedding Band 

On her wedding day, Kate was given this simple gold band in the tradition of royal brides. Designed from a large piece of gold nugget originating from Wales, this piece was handcrafted by royal jewelers Wartski. The use of Welsh gold is a time honored tradition for the family who have had their classic bands made by this method since the early 1920s. As expected, Kate received the delicate gold ring from Prince William at their wedding ceremony.  


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